Standards to Five T-90 Armoured Regiments – a Historical First

Standards to Five T-90 Armoured Regiments – a Historical First

On 19th of October 2010, the tiny township of Babina will buzz with activity, where five Armoured Regiment’s of ‘White Tiger’ Armoured Division will be presented with colours. Her Excellency, the President of India, Mrs Pratibha Patil, The Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces, will present the Standards simultaneously to 83, 12, 13, 15 and 19 Armoured Regiments, in a glittering mega event in the presence of the Governor of UP, the Chief of Army Staff, the General Officer Commanding in Chief Southern Army Command and various other Civil and Military dignitaries. A large number of retired Army and civil dignitaries are also expected to attend the event. The bonhomie and camaraderie will be at its peak, when the old stalwarts will meet the younger generation and exchange their experiences. This camaraderie is a hallmark of the Armed Forces, and with all Five Armoured Regiments getting colours simultaneously, Babina will provide the platform for a perfect fusion between the past and present. Later in the day, the T-90 Division will present a mounted parade for the President to Review.

This would be a historical occasion as it would be the first time that five Armoured Regiments of an Armoured Division are presented the Colours together. The blaze of the steel chariots, equipped fully with their weapon systems, will display the nation’s strength to take on any enemy.

The significance of the “Nishaan” has been there since times immemorial, when man waged war and each tribe, clan and army rallied their men around a banner, which in times to come fluttered arrogantly above the battlefield to stir the soul of valour. For the brave men it came to be known as ‘The NISHAN’. The presentation of Colours is a martial legacy, centuries old and it is reminiscent of heroic deeds of by-gone battlefields. While the practice of carrying the Colour into battle has died, the tradition of receiving, holding and parading it continues.

Thus, the presentation of Colours by the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces is an apt recognition of the service rendered by the Regiments, in service of the nation.

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