Enhancement of Pension Under EPS, 1995

Enhancement of pension under the Employees’ Pension Scheme, 1995

The Central Government constituted an Expert Committee for review of the Employees’ Pension Scheme, 1995. The Expert Committee considered the various demands of pensioners including enhancement of pension under the Employees’ Pension Scheme, 1995.

The Expert Committee has submitted its report to the Central Government on 05.08.2010 and recommendations are presently under examination/consideration of the Central Board of Trustees of the Employees Provident Fund Organization.

This information was given by Shri Mallikarjun Kharge, Minister for Labour And Employment in a written reply to a question in the Rajya Sabha today.


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17 thoughts on “Enhancement of Pension Under EPS, 1995”

  1. Pradip Chakraborty

    It is most unfortunate event that our present government never utter any comments on our legitimate demand in spite of knowing everything about same. I wonder as and when their good sense will prevail – should we be able to see to it?

  2. Pradip Chakraborty

    I am wondering as and when our EPF Pension would be enhanced considering the present hike of market prices day-to-day by leaps and bounds. When the pension of the Central Government as well as the State Government employees after retirement are increasing considering the market price – why should we like us those who are/were working hard in the private sector for a period of 30- 35 years be deprived ?

    I do know when the good sense of our present government will prevail on and will ponder over our situation, knowing the present situation very well.

  3. It is unfortunate that the BJP Govt. not implementing its own demand of fixing minimum pension under EPS 95 @ 3000/ with linkage to price index as demanded through their press release dated 14-01-2014 and adkarlso the Rajyasabha petetions committee report on the petetion filed by Sri Prakash Javdekar. Sri Nithin Gadkari and Sri Prakash Javdekar assured Pensioners Association of Nasik that they would actively pursue in Parliament on incteasing pension after elections to Maharastra Assembly. But they kept mum after the elections. It is unfortunate and deceiving the public on fulfilling the electoral promises.

  4. 1995 FPS scheme is being benifited thousands of employees all over INDIA .This kind of pension should further modify intermittentely
    so that such modifications through parliament
    act is sine quo non . and also without the
    dearness allowance this kind of pension is
    intoto is not acceptable . Always the pnesion
    will linked with the dearness allowance only
    our uncompromised demand is please modify the pension with dearness allowance. The GOVT OF INDIA will interven in this particular aspect and do justice to maximum members.

  5. Is this EPF-95 scheme pensioners welfare scheme. It is a shameful on all retired employees to disclose this pension amount before their wife and children and as well as before the pensioners of Central and State Government. Kindly, do justice and increase before we die

  6. E.Subrahmanya sarma

    sir, I was retired in Food Corporation of India, as manager in the year 2011 from Andhra Pradesh,after rendering 36 years of service, and I am getting Rs.1589/- per month,under EPS 1995 pension and with this meager amount I could not able to meet the minimum requirements, because of ceiling of Rs6500 for calculation, and as a senior citizen I cannot go for any other employment at this age and nobody will take into service also, and there fore request the Govt of India, to enhance the pension ceiling, and in these days of souring prices it is inevitable to have a minimum pension of Rs.10,000 per month. I do hope that the government will take appropriate action to raise the pension, giving respect to the senior citizens retired under EPF 1995, so s to enable them to lead a peaceful life at the fag end of their lives.

  7. Sir,
    It is really unfortunate that even after serving a Public Sector Undertaking ( Government of India) for more than 36 years I am getting a meager amount of pension which is not even meeting one forth of my medicine requirement per month. The recent decision of the Govt. to give rise to Military personnel have added further mental tension to EPS 1995 Pensioners.

    It is requested to consider the recent recommendation to increase the minimum pension of EPS 1995 pensioners.

    Akshara, P.O.Prayar,Dist.Alleppey(Kerala)
    PIN 690547

  8. Sir,
    It is really unfortunate that even after serving a Public Sector Undertaking ( Government of India) for more than 36 years I am getting a meager amount of pension which is not even meeting one forth of my medicine requirement per month. The recent decision of the Govt. to give rise to Military personnel have added further mental tension to EPS 1995 Pensioners.

    It is high time that we should demonstrate promptly.

    Yours faithfully



    Sir,We,the retired employees of FOOD corporation of India,are covered under EPF,1995 pension and getting a lower pension ranging from Rs.500 to 1800 pm according to the services from 1971.In this present age of inflation ,we are unable to meet the both ends meet.
    It is a well known fact that the recommendations of 6th pay commission,2007 is that the minimum pension of its employees retired has been enhanced to a minimum of Rs.3000/-pm.The spiralling cost of living,the financial commitments with the sky rocketing medical bills,the expenses on social responsilbilities make worry of senior citizens geeting this min.pension.So an early decision to enhance the minimum pension to Rs.3000/-p.m has to be taken duly passing an ordinance by parliament by Gov.of India.The recent meeting on 28th june,2012 by EPF committee has not yet finalised and Govt.deferred the pension bill due to objection by TMC and DMK on investment in private market.So early ordinance is needed.
    V.Nagarajan,FCI retired employee,Basavanagar,Bangalore-560037


    Dear Sir,

    I am one of the unfortunate pensioners under EPS,1995 scheme. I receive very small amount as pension. I hear around all my nearer, friends, neighbours and so on that their pension are getting enhanced due to increase in price index and else.

    Market is getting higher and higher day by day. Everything is going out of my reach. I began to cut quantity of goods from my daily need. Now I started cutting the items brutally as it is not for us.
    Feelings struck in my mind as to whether we are the citizen of this country! Are we not elegible to get minimum need! Are we not able to hope for the better of our status!

    Why Govt. of India is so cruel to us?

    I request to the authority to consider the matter sensibly and taking us to the chair of other Govt. employees who are getting pension

    Hope a result should be brought out and we the unfortunate will get justice.

    Thanking you,

    Yours Faithfully,
    Mobile no. 9830933911

  11. Pinaki Kumar Basu

    Are we step sons of govt. of India? say’s in our constitution?

    why the govt.neglecting us ?

    why we should deprive?

  12. r.balasubramanian

    Dear Sir,
    for the past one year we are bringing the eps95 pension enhancement request thru your news.Will this reach the govt’s eyes and ears.Since we dont have any associations to gather eps95 pensioners countrywide and present the our grievances to the govt.Most of such pensioners are in supervisors and in worker category.Further they are not much literates to bring this to govt in a big way.Hence any curious central ministers redress our distress.Thannk you for giving space at in your daily.

  13. Pension under 1995 scheme should be linked with current price index and should be increased from time to time, like other scheme.Government should look into the matter and take immediate decision so that 4 crore pensioners are not deprived.

  14. r.balasubramanian

    Dear sir, i wonder evenafter presenting the EPS PENSION HIKE REQUEST to GOVT thru proper forums,The GOVT is silent on this.Why such aversion on EPS pensioners?Have they not toiled in their services.When all of the GOVT pension schemes operating with latest price index of our country what sin EPS pensioners comitted to avail increase? IS that going to matter the exchequar of the country?rather it will be much lower than the proven money scandals of the politicians.Hoping to get good news from Govt.

  15. Respected sir i think the govt has not taken any decision on increase of pension under eps 1995. at nearly four crores of eps pensioners are anxiously waiting for the increase of eps pension. we are trying to bring the matter to the govt. WE request all the eps pensioners to to appeal the govt on this issue.

  16. r.balasubramanian

    Shall i expect further developments as on today the 20 th July 2011 on enhancement of pension amount of EPS pensioners.Already an year gone.Prices are souring to gmp heights.AT least the latest news will decide our existence.

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