Posting of a Nurse to Factory Health Clinic in Factories of OFB

Posting of a Nurse to Factory Health Clinic- reg.

One Nurse will be posted to Factory Health Clinics (FHC) of Factories in day shift wef 01 Jaunary, 2014.

This is required for the following reasons :

a) Nurse is part of the staff requirement of FHC under Factory rules of various states.

b) Nurse will assist Medical Officer in conduct of Periodic Medical Examination of employees at FHC.

c) Nurse will help in investigation and treatment of routine and emergency cases at FHC and reduce referrals from FHC to main Hospital.

d) Nurse will supervise the work of subordinate paramedical staff.

02. The nurse will be posted to the FHC from overall strength of Nurses in hospital. Factories without hospitals but with independent Estate Health Clinics (EHC) will utilize the services of the Nurse of the EHC in FHC also on past time basis. In case of Factories without Hospital / FHC, Nurse will be posted to FHC from the Hospital concerned.

03. The above arrangement is feasible from current sanctioned strength of Nurses in hospitals with 30 beds are more. Some of the Hospitals with 25 beds or less, where sanctioned strength of nurses (Sr Nurse Gr I & II + Matron) is 06, may have difficulty in making the arrangement due to restricted availability of Nursing staff. They may post a Nurse to FHC on part-time basis.

04. Confirmation of above arrangement may please be forwarded for record before 13-01-2014.

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