12 Advanced Training Institutes to be set up as a Part of ‘Make in India’ Programme

12 Advanced Training Institutes to be set up  as a Part of ‘Make in India’ Programme

In the First Phase 12 Advanced Training Institutes to be set up at a cost of over 200 Crores as a Part of ‘Make in India’ Programme

The Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGE&T) of the Ministry of Labour & Employment proposes to set up 12 Advanced


Training Institutes (ATIs) at various locations of the country at a Total Project Cost of over 200 Crores. This is the pilot phase of a scheme of the Directorate under its Craft Instructor Training Scheme (CITS), to be implemented in PPP mode, with the objective training of 9200 Vocational Instructors to begin with.

This effort is a part of ‘Make in India’ program which aims to transform India into a best-in-class manufacturing hub and it places a strong emphasis on skill development. The Hon’ble Prime Minister, in a recent speech, has also weighed on the need to focus on Skill, Scale and Speed to make India capable of competing on the global scale. Referring to the requirement of skilled trainers in the country, he mentioned that good teachers are one of the biggest needs of the society.

To address this need for vocational trainers, the DGE&T has decided to setup 27 Advanced Training Institutes (ATIs) in all for training of trainers. With a clear impetus on private participation to induce efficiency and innovation, the DGE&T has decided to explore Public-Private Partnerships as a model for developing these institutes.

DGE&T is an apex organization for development and coordination of the vocational training in India.

The pre qualification process for bidders to set up the first 12 institutes in the first phase is to begin soon.


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