An Internal Meeting organised by NCJCM staff side before the final Meeting with 7th Pay Commission

An Internal Meeting organised by NCJCM staff side before the final Meeting with 7th Pay Commission

NAC Meeting also expected on 9th June 2015

Shiva Gopal Mishra

National Council (Staff Side)Joint Consultative Machinary
For Central Government Employees
13-C. Ferozshah Road. New DelhI – 110001
E Mall :[email protected]

No.NC/JCM/7th CPC/2015

Dated: May 30, 2015

All the Standing Committee Members
of the National Council, JCM (Staff Side)

Dear Comrades,


Final meeting of the Standing Committee of the National Council JCM (Staff Side) with the 7th Central Pay Commission  will be held in the office of the Pay Commission at Delhi on 9th June 2015 at 11.00 am, an Internal Meeting of the Staff Side,NC/JCM will be held on 8th June 2015 at 15.00 hrs. in the office of National Council(JCM), 13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi.

You are requested to attend both the meetings accordingly.

A copy of the letter dated 27th  May 2015, received from the office of the 7th CPC, is also enclosed herewith for your ready reference.

There is every likelihood of meeting of the National Anomalies Committee on 12 pending NAC items on 9th June, 2015 (Afternoon) with the Jt. Secretary(E) and Jt. Secretary(Pers.). As soon as we get letter to this effect, we will inform you, but you should be prepared for that too.

With fraternal greetings!
Comradely yours,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
Secretary(Staff Side)


7th Pay Commission

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1 thought on “An Internal Meeting organised by NCJCM staff side before the final Meeting with 7th Pay Commission”

  1. V. Loganathan

    There wide gap between PB 3 & PB 4 should be rectified from 1-1-2006
    There is wide gap between Pay Band 3 and Pay Band 4. There are also gap in many other fitment tables in PB1, PB2 also. The Seventh Pay Commission should examine this issue very seriously & impartially with Experts. The following simple statement will speak for itself, the wide gap in fixation of the pay in the pre-revised Pay and fixation statement arrived as per Sixth Pay Commission of Govt. of India:
    Pay in the pre-revised Pay fixed as per fitment table
    Rs. 15,200 (S-19) ————– Rs.34,880 + GP
    Rs. 15,000 (S-20) ————– Rs.35,550 + GP
    Rs. 15,100 (S-24) ————– Rs.47,230 + GP
    Rs. 15,100 (S-25) ————– Rs.48,390 + GP
    Rs. 15,200 (S-28) ————– Rs.48,530 + GP
    If you look at the above statement for a pre-revised basic pay in the pay range of Rs.15,000/- there is vast difference in the revised pay fitment. The gap should be reduced drastically from 1-1-2006 based on length of service one put in a category etc. & so on. As far as Tamil Nadu State is concerned, the Govt. have constituted an Administrative Reforms Committee under the Chairmanship of Dr. Justice A..K. Rajan, Retd. Judge of Madras High Court to ensure corruption free and transparent Administration & also to go into the implementation of various provisions of RTI Act, 2005. The Committee submitted its final Report to State Govt. in the year 2008. The Committee among others recommended an EXCELLENT Recommendations in its Report in para 22.01 “Rules shall be modified prescribing minimum Service at all Levels, periodical promotion (like IAS cadre) may be given to all category” – but it seems that the Govt. without calling for remarks from all Heads of Departments have decided “that the existing system is working well, no modification is necessary” But the real fact is different in Tamil Nadu Secretariat now especially after the implementation of Sixth Pay Panel Report in many cases that an employee with 30 years plus qualifying Service retired as Section Officer / Under Secretary / Deputy Secretary only. There is wide gap between pay scale & allowances of Dy. Secretary & Joint Secretary/ Additional Secretary (Non-IAS cadre) But now many employees with less than 30 years of service or at 25 years of Service got promotion as Joint Secretary & Additional Secretary (Non-IAS cadre post) are getting an increase in emoluments about ranging from Rs.20,000/- to Rs.40,000/- and above approximately also getting an increase in Pension of about Rs.15,000/- to Rs.20,000/- p.m. & above approximately. There is wide gap between Deputy Secretary & Joint Secretary, Additional Secretary (Non-IAS cadre) in the Pay Band & GP minimum & maximum pay plus GP. To quote an example that in one case, an Officer in Secretariat put in more than 6 years Service in the post of Under Secretary got promotion only as Dy. Secretary at the fag end of his career, i.e. retirement, while many Officers now in many cases within 5 years of Service after getting promotion as Under Secretary got promotion as Dy. Secretary, Joint Secretary & Additional Secretary and getting huge increase in pay & allowances once they appointed as Joint Secretary/Addl. Secretary (non-IAS cadre posts) This gap should be rectified as recommended by Dr. A.K. Rajan Committee as in many Senior Officers put in more than 30 years of Service getting less emoluments/Pension when compared to many junior Officers after implementation of Sixth Pay Panel Report from 1-1-2006. The suggestion to Govt. is that length of Service in a category coupled with duties & responsibilities should be given its due weight-age to relieve heart-burning among Senior Officers of Non-IAS cadre and similarly placed Officers in other Heads of Departments in the State. In many cases the increase in emoluments ranging from more than 100% to 300% in PB 3 & PB 4 posts. Due weightage should be given to PB 3 categoy with effect from 1-1-2006.

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