Hazare sets 2-month deadline for One Rank One Pension

Anti-corruption crusader joins ex-servicemen protest

The ex-servicemen protesting non-implementation of the One Rank, One Pension (OROP) scheme got a shot in the arm as Gandhian activist Anna Hazare joined them at Jantar Mantar on Sunday.

Mr. Hazare, a former soldier, came down heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi without naming him. He accused him of ignoring the aspirations of the people and said there was an “immediate need” for the Centre and the Delhi government to “resolve their issues”.

Speaking from the dais of the United Front of Ex-Servicemen, the veteran anti-corruption crusader said “mere assurances” served little purpose and set a two-month deadline for the implementation of the scheme. “They [Mr. Modi and the BJP] told us in Rohtak that the OROP would be implemented as soon as they came to power. But nothing has happened so far. We will hold rallies in Ludhiana on August 2, in Rohtak on August 9 and in Maharashtra on August 23 to create awareness about OROP. On October 2, we will protest at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi on One Rank One Pension,” Mr Hazare said.

Hits out at MPs

Criticising MPs’ demand for a hike in salary, he said they get several benefits but widows of the defence personnel get only Rs. 3,500.

“MPs want a salary hike despite the fact that they get air fare, Class AC 1 ticket in trains, a bungalow, vehicles and a salary of Rs.50,000. And we have wives and mothers of the defence personnel who get Rs.3,500-Rs.4,500. Is this justice and is this our freedom?” he wondered.

Source: The Hindu

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3 thoughts on “Hazare sets 2-month deadline for One Rank One Pension”

  1. sgt y r singh veteran

    Why Anna’s ji wants wait for two months. This will provide time to merge irio issue with 7th pay commission. Why wait fir Gandhi jayanti. Govt and baboos will start plysing their dirty game as they are already doing this.

  2. mahesh kumar k

    Govt is avoiding orop till next pay commission, then they will mix up orop with it,then again govt will remain pass time till next look sabha election, don’t wait for Anna Hajare,s two month more delay.govt as well as beurocrats are playing tricks.

  3. P Chandrasekaran

    Presently Sgts retired from IAF on completion of 20 years during the year 2010 are drawing pension more than that of JWO from IAF retired on completion of 21 years during the year 1984.This comparison is between the same group of Technical Trades in IAF.

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