Seventh Pay Commission will be mindful of the fiscal concerns : Finance Ministry

New Delhi: Finance Ministry on Monday said the Seventh Pay Commission will be mindful of the fiscal concerns of the government while giving its report on new pay scales and remunerations for central government employees and pensioners.

The Commission, headed by Justice A K Mathur, has been given time up to December 2015 to submit its report on revising emoluments of nearly 48 lakh central government employees and 55 lakh pensioners.

“We have communicated our concerns with regard to sustainability of public expenditure to Pay Commission. I am sure the members and chairman of the commission are aware of and will be sensitive to our concerns,” Finance Secretary Ratan Watal told reporters here.

The Commission has time till December to submit its report, he said, adding thereafter it would be scrutinised by a secretariat to be set up in the Finance Ministry.

Mr Watal said although the recommendations would be implemented from January 1, 2016, the burden on the exchequer would not be much in the current financial year.

However, he added, it would have implications in next fiscal.

The Commission, headed by Justice A K Mathur, was appointed by the previous UPA government in February 2014 for 18 months. Its term was extended in August 2015 by four months till December 31, 2015.

The government constitutes the Pay Commission almost every 10 years to revise the pay scale of its employees and often these are adopted by states after some modifications.

As part of the exercise, the Commission holds discussions with various stakeholders, including organisations, federations, groups representing civil employees as well as Defence services.


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2 thoughts on “Seventh Pay Commission will be mindful of the fiscal concerns : Finance Ministry”

  1. csvenkitaraman

    once in ten years the pay revision is due and come into effect. the present remarks of the finance Ministry that the 7TH CPC will be mindful of the fiscal concern of the GOVT, is quite unfair and unjust. Let the 7TH CPC submit its reports independently taking into relevant facts of wage revision due to the employees/pensioners. Let the Govt decide the acceptance. why at all the finance Ministry is well cautioning the/directing 7THCPC in this regard. when DA 50% Merger demanded the Govt set aside the demand stating that there is no provision in 6TH CPC For Such merger. Then why at all the GOVT IS HINDERING THE RIGHTFUL RECOMMENDATION OF THE 7TH CPC. It is apparant that the present extension of four months given to CPC by the Govt by it s own accord to cut short the genuine/due benefits of the employees one way or other. the present remarks of the Govt about Fiscal concern is also to caution the employees to get prepared for the great disappoint from the Present govt on PAY REVISION. they are not going to increase the IT exemption limit much for the year 2016-2017 in the light of 7TH CPC. Thereby the meager benefits given will be further reduced by IT recovery

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