Increasing Bonus ceiling from Rs.3500 to Rs.7000: Cabinet approval after 6th November

National Federation of Indian Railwaymen
3, chelmsford Road, New Delhi – 110 005

No.I/10/Part IV

Dated 10-10-2015

The General Secretaries of
Affiliated Unions of NFIR

Dear Brother,

Sub: Payment of Productivity Liked Bonus to the Railway employees – removal of calculation ceiling – reg.

Attention of affiliated Unions is invited to NFIR’s letter of even number dated 05-10-2015, on the subject, addressed to the Hon’ble Prime Ministry, duly endorsing copy to Finance Minister, Railway Minister and the Minister for Labour & Employment requesting revision of calculation ceiling from Rs.3500 to Rs.7000 as committed by the Government.

In this connection, it is to convey further that the Ministry of Labour & Employment has since processed for upward revision of calculation ceiling limit from Rs.3500 to 7000. The Union Cabinet may take decision for amending Bonus Act in course of time and in any case some development may take place after 06th November 2015 (after Bihar state Elections).

The affiliates may convey to the workers on the above position and also contents of GS/NFIR letter dated 5th October 2015 to the Prime Minister of India may be apprised.

yours fraternally,

General Secretary

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