7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix is not final and subject to change-Federation Sources

The Constituent Unions of NCJCM has called for three days’ agitation Programme from 19-1-2016 to 21-1-2016 to draw the attention of central government to settle the Modified charter of demands. Recently they demanded the government to constitute an empowered Committee to settle their demands through negotiation. However, the Cabinet gave its approval for constitution of an Empowered Committee to study the 7th Pay Commission report for implementation Process.

Pay Matrix Recommended by 7th CPC is not final and subject to change – Federation Sources

We asked some Trade Union Leaders about their expectation from the Government in respect of 7th Pay Commission report. They told that so far they didn’t have any formal meeting over Pay commission report with Government after the report submitted by commission. When asked about their opinion about the Format of Pay Matrix recommended by 7th Pay Commission, they said ” We don’t think that the Pay Matrix recommended by 7th CPC is Final, we won’t accept the Fitment factor recommended by the Commission”

They said, “Of course there will be some anomaly would arise when it is in the process of implementation in respect of Pay Matrix . That cannot be anticipated now. As of now Anomalies in bunching and Promotion benefits are expected. But we think this Pay scale recommended in 7th pay commission report is not FINAL and subject to change. Because it needs concurrence from both the end.”

They added further ” The central government may accept this recommendation without any modification. Because the central government itself told after giving four-month extension to the Pay Commission that the Seventh Pay Commission would be mindful of the fiscal concerns. It indicates the Central Government intention. But the Central Government Employees’ Unions and Association are very much disappointed with this recommendation and we sought modifications in many recommendations. Our Federations declared it as retrograde recommendation. Hence it will not be easy for the central government to implement the report without doing any change in the recommendations”.

So the Unions Federations are not getting too much involved in 7th CPC Pay Scales. Because they are firm in their decision that percentage of increase recommended in minimum pay is far below the required level prescribed by Dr. Akhroid formula and 15th ILC norms for determining Minimum Pay and it need to be increased. However..[ Read More at : govtstaffnews.in ]  

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3 thoughts on “7th Pay Commission Pay Matrix is not final and subject to change-Federation Sources”

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