The Empowered Committee is Expected to Meet on 11th June 2016

The Empowered Committee is Expected to Meet on 11th June 2016

Some news on 7th pay commission are being posted in couple of websites -on a nearly daily basis.

All Central Government Employees are eagerly searching for latest news about 7th pay commission regularly. But to attract these visitors, some websites keep posting some unconfirmed news on a regular basis.

When reading this, the CG Employees wanted to check the authenticity of the news with their Association Leaders. While asking them, they expect that the Leaders should tell, “Yes, it’s true”.

But the worst part of this story is the Federation Leaders couldn’t tell anything against their wish.

The top level Union leaders are flooded with queries about pay commission from Cg Staffs when they come to headquarters. Unfortunately they have no answers to this queries.

In addition to that, by posting this unconfirmed sensational news, these particular websites are adding fuel to fire.

In spite of this, News about Implementation dates and Minimum wages are keep changing and coming every day.

The latest news is, the Empowered Committee on 7th CPC is Expected to Meet on 11th June 2016. And the Minimum wage will be 24000/-

Let’s all Hope this is true and wait for the outcome of the Meeting

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8 thoughts on “The Empowered Committee is Expected to Meet on 11th June 2016”

  1. ishwari prasad allahabad

    ISHWARI 1.6.2016 Actually certain officers cannot imagine/ realize the hardship of those living with FIXED amount of earning. Commission is more competent, intelligent and powerful than the empowered Committee. Modi ji has also promised to improve the report. Govt is wise enough. Things will certainly improve for Pensioners. Wait for one month.
    As regards to record, Pensioner’s service records are safe with Pension sanctioning authority. There are record management rules. Let them certify on oath that records are not available with them and face the music. Please don’t support this problem.
    Nothing to worry. Things will certainly improve for Pensioners.

  2. Those who had worked in the Government should appreciate that this time the process of pay revision is /has been quite satisfactory. The job of the final decision has been made difficult by very unsatifactory recommendation of the 7th CPC We should show some more patience and hopefully the final result would be satisfying for most of us

  3. As expected the Govt decision on 7th PC would have been made public by end of May. Reasons for its deleberate delay made the outcome questionable? Let us all take the matter seriously otherwise we will be betrayed.

  4. now govt.should not delay the implementation in revision of should also consider the theory of sustainable pay and elimintae the unwanted critics of govt. employees . being amodel employer govt.should adopt the principles of fetching good work and better pay.

  5. avudaiappan

    the problem of pre 2006 pensioners are not solved yet this day even after court judgement delivered …..god only save the pre 2006 pensioners

  6. Venkatraman

    I totally agree with Mr Ganesh.Even though I belong to echelons of the hierarchy I am really disgusted with attitude of our officers’ cadre.Most of these people are fit for nothing category simply doing buttering their higher ups and the top level IAS are none else than just chamchas to the ministers.

  7. Satyanarayana

    This Committee is not doing the job as expected from them. The matter involves aspirations of over one crore citizens(employees and pensioners). This is such an urgent matter still they are talking of meetings ,discussions etc., leading to no where. Remember, the 7 cpc submitted the report seven months back !! !All of us expected the matter would be finalized the moment elections in states are over. Very disappointing. Now PM only should save the situation.

  8. meet, meet and meet, but meet early and do something. Please don’t let down lower grade employee as it is done in sixth pay Commission. It is observed that lower grade employees are fighting for their scale and automatically higher grade officers are getting benefited as usual every time. Please don’t do that.

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