DOPT Order for Bunching of Stages for Assistant Secretaries in 7th CPC

DOPT Order for Bunching of Stages for Assistant Secretaries in 7th CPC

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training

North Block, New Delhi
Dated 10th October, 2016

Office Memorandum

Subject: Fixation of pay of Assistant Secretaries as per recommendations of 7th CPC and bunching thereof.

This Department has been receiving numerous queries regarding application of New Pay Structure as per 7th CPC recommendation to Assistant Secretaries of the 2014 Batch of IAS, currently posted in Government of India.

2. It has already been clarified vide this Department’s OM dated 29.09.2016 that pay of the Assistant Secretaries is required to be fixed in the New Pay Structure as per IAS (Pay) Rules, 2016. It is further informed that bunching of stages in the revised pay structure will be governed as per Proviso (a) to Rule 4A of the IAS (Pay) Rules, 2016 (copy enclosed) and as clarified by Department of Expenditure’s OM dated 7th September, 2016 (copy enclosed).

3. This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.

(Kavitha V. Padmanabhan)
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India

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(Department of Personnel and Training)
New Delhi, the 8th September, 2016

Rule 4A of IAS (Pay)Rules, 2016 :

“Where, in the fixation of pay, the pay of members of the Service drawing pay at two or more stages in pre-revised Pay Band and Grade Pay or Scale, as the case may be, get fixed at same Cell in the applicable Level the Pay Matrix, one additional increment shall be given for every two stages bunched and the pay of member of Service drawing higher pay in pre-revised structure shall be fixed at the next vertical Cell in the applicable Level.”

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1 thought on “DOPT Order for Bunching of Stages for Assistant Secretaries in 7th CPC”

  1. Bunching & Matrix.
    It’s reported that an Employee appointed on the AN of 31-12-1976 in a post equivalent to pre-revised pay scale i.e. as on 1-1-2006 in PB 2 with PB Rs.4800/- (Notional) retired on the AN of 31-08-2010 after getting three promotions. His last basic Pay plus Grade Pay of Rs.6600/- was Rs.34,150/ as on 31-08-2010- on the date of retirement. Had he continued in the lower post as per fitment table approved in the Matrix, on the same date i.e. 31-08-2010, (after put in 33 years of Service, his Pay as per Matrix) will be fixed at Rs. 1,22,900/- but for his promotion(s). Hence he is entitled to fix his pay at Rs.1,22,900/- as Basic Pay in the lower post The same employee even after getting three promotions, his pay was fixed only at Rs.88,400/- as per Matrix approved for PB3 with GP 6600/- as on 31-08-2010. thus depriving him a difference in basic Pay LESSER to the tune of Rs.34,500/- which means had he not promoted, he would have got fixed his Basic Pay at Rs.1,22,900/- but for his promotion(s) consequently he is entitled to a basic Pension of Rs.66,450/- whereas in spite of his three promotion, his basic Pay in the higher post will be only Rs.88,400/- and entitled to a LESSER basic Pension of Rs.44,200/- The person who got promoted to Higher Post will be getting lesser basic Pay & less basic Pension while the same individual continued in the LOWER post for 33 years, he would have got his Pay fixed at higher Level i.e. Rs.1,22,900/- as per Matrix now approved . The anomaly Committee should look into this aspect & allow higher basic Pay & Pension to the affected to step up their basic Pay & Pension as per Pay Matrix now approved. To give true life to Matrix, to rectify anomaly, Specific clarification on this issue should be given by Govt. with option to the affected both in Service & those who Retired.

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