Current problem with OROP and Disability Pension

What is the Current problem with OROP and Disability Pension ?

Times of India blog posted an article regarding What is the Current problem with OROP and Disability Pension..the extract of this article is given below..

What is the current problem with OROP and Disability Pension implementation which could have led to this suicide?

There are conflicting reports about the sad demise of the veteran. Some seem to suggest that he was perturbed about non-release of the approved pension under the OROP scheme by his bank. If that is the case, then it is really unfortunate since that would mean that an amount legally approved by the government was not disbursed to him.
Overall the ministry of defence claims to have disbursed Rs 5,507 crore in two instalments for OROP. Apart from other issues, the problem also seems to be in the distribution mechanism down the chain, particularly at the level of bank branches. This needs to be fixed.

Government is implementing OROP but what about the larger veteran demand that what they have got is one rank many pensions, not one rank one pension?

Various sides have differed upon the perfect definition of OROP. Many veteran organisations have interpretational differences with OROP as notified, including the periodicity of revision. Then there were serious anomalies in OROP tables which were being looked into by a judicial committee. The committee has submitted its report. I think all sides should hold their horses till this is processed. In case, there still are problems, tackle them through remedies provided under law rather than politicise a sensitive subject. A democracy provides full opportunity to exercise legal rights in case of dissatisfaction. I personally do not agree to an approach of excessive emotional rhetoric which has the propensity of stoking discontent.

What about disability pensions and the controversy on downgrading of status? How does that square with the pedestal armed forces are being put on?

The disability pension controversy was shockingly unfortunate and its origin was the twisted data and a sadistic interpretation provided to the 7th Pay Commission on disabled soldiers. In case disabilities in the defence services are increasing due to a higher stress and strain of military life, the answer is to take steps to check the deteriorating health profile and increase the payouts to compensate loss of health, not to slash disability pensions! Ditto for status issues since such moves are unilaterally imposed and result in deleterious effect on morale.

Chest thumping and governmental downgrading can’t go hand in hand. Does government’s left hand not know what it is doing?

Irrespective of the party in power, the ministry of defence has remained a labyrinth which is not easy to tame. There are structural problems wherein the defence services or even other stakeholders are not a part of the decision-making process and a one-sided view is provided to the higher layers. There is no opportunity granted to rebut or check the veracity of what is put up to decision-making authorities. It is not that one hand does not know what the other is doing, actually one hand does not let the other know what it is doing –[Read more at Times of india blog ]

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  1. Sergeant Kishor Bhole

    What’s OROP problem , MOD & Retd.Officers/IAS/IPS does not no ? that all 3 Armed Forces have a separate Laws as per their Skills & Education levels at Entry Levels to Catch them Young from 15-18 Year’s ! Each Services Name’s of Ranks are different & None of the Rank’s are Equal in their own 3-Services , then how can you Equalize them with Other Services ? Its like Operating 3-Faithful Species of Animals like Dogs / Horses and adding & Exchanging their Organ’s & Bones ,so that none of these Species could ever be Functional throughout their Lifetime as “Brain & Bodily -Dead or Handicapped ? No one is taking opinion of CGDA & CAG to Audit wef:1950 u/s of Armed Forces Act ? What is Primafacie , seen observed & objected in this case is “Every Veterans Pay Book & Discharge Certificate / PPO is motioned with their “LAST Pay Drawn / Rank /No. of Year Service Rendered – Including Reserve period Service / Education Qualification Ect . , which itself is self sufficient proof of Evidence to adjudge – OROP & no one is Equal ? Dr. Kishor Bhole – NGO , Mphil-Law & Ph.D ‘ Happy India ‘

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