BSNL discussion with all Unions and Associations on ongoing agitation – SNEA Updates

BSNL discussion with all Unions and Associations on ongoing agitation – SNEA Updates

DIR(HR) called all Unions and Associations for the discussions on 02.02.2018 regarding the ongoing agitations. GS/CHQ office bearers of BSNLEU, NFTE, SNEA, AIBSNLEA, AIGETOA, FNTO, BSNLMS, SEWA, BSNLOA etc was present in the meeting. GM(SR) also present in the meeting.

We expressed our serious concern that the Govt is not taking any steps to resolve the issues of lakhs of employees. The Unions and Assns will intensify the agitations in the coming days. On 23rd Feb, huge Sanchar Bhavan (DoT) March is planned in which thousands of comrades from all over India will be participating. The formation of Tower Subsidiary has to be rolled back, 3rd PRC to be implemented with 15% fitment, Pension revision and outstanding issues of 2nd PRC are to be settled etc are the major demands.

DIR(HR) informed that due to the competition and market condition, revenue is coming down and the financial condition of the company is not good. Any impact on the services will further affect the revenue which in turn will affect all.

Union/Assn leaders explained that on earlier occasions, management arranged the meetings with the Secretary/DoT or the Hon Minister as the case may be and through discussions, issues are settled. However, such initiatives are not found nowadays, during agitations.

DIR(HR) personally tried for the meeting by contacting MoSC office. Finally DIR(HR) assured to make possible efforts for meeting at DoT once CMD returns on Monday.

All Unions and Associations will be meeting on 06.02.2018

Source : SNEA

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