DA Rate from January 2020

Central Government Employees and Pensioners will get 21% DA rate from 1st January 2020 as AICPIN for December 2019 will not have any impact on it.

As AICPIN for November 2019 increased by 3 Points and pegged at 328, remaining one month CPI for Industrial Workers to calculate Dearness Allowance from 1.1.2020 will not have that much impact.

Let us find, Does AICPIN for December 2019 CPI have any impact on DA rate from January 2020.[ Check here to See AICPIN for December 2019 Press release ]

Whether December 2019 AICPIN Point is increasing by 10 points or decreasing by 8 Points, the Rate of DA will be at 21% with 4% Hike w.e.f.1.1.2020

Upto 7 Points increase in December 2019 AICPIN Points is not having any impact on DA from January 2020.

If the rate of DA has to reach 21% level, it requires 8 points increase in AICPIN. As per the CPI Data, it increased by 10 points in July 2018 from 291 to 301. After that there is no considerable increase in AICPIN Points.

Hence, there is fair good chances of getting DA rate at 21% from January 2020 even though the AICPIN for December 2019 goes 10 points either up or down.[ Updated on 30.1.2020]

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