Pensioners Information Service

The Web Responsive Pensioners information service has been developed to provide single point web solution for pensioners to obtain comprehensive information relating to status of the pensions and pension payments

Pensioners can avail the following services after registration on CPAO website: [ to login click the image below]

Pensioners Information Service - Gservants News
Pensioners Information Service

Pensioner Profile : Pensioners can view their profile and also of the bank and PAO concerned.

Digital Record of Pension & Revision Orders : View list of all Pension Payments &Revision Orders sent to banks from CPAO

Download Facility of Pension/Revision Orders Sent To Banks :Pensioners can download Pension/Revision Orders sent to Banks from CPAO website

Monthly Details of Pension Payments :Pensioners can view details of monthly payments of pension that are credited to their bank accounts, i.e. their basic pension, dearness relief, medical allowance, arrears payments, etc. This information is being made available from the monthly scrolls received from the banks. Payment details of the last six transactions are shown

SMS Facility :Pensioners are now provided with an SMS facility for tracking status of pension process at CPAO, and at the stage of grievance registration & disposal.

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