Regularise the Absence during COVID 19 Lockdown period

Important Clarification regarding How to Regularise the Absence during COVID 19 Lockdown period is issued by Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. Many doubt regarding regularising absence and Leave applied prior or during lockdown period are clarified in this Order

Circular No.27/Staff Wing/2020
No.71 /Staff Entt./20-2018

Office of the Comptroller &Auditor General of India
NEW DELHI – 110 124

Date: 19 June 2020

All Heads of Department
Director (P)

Clarification regarding of Absence during COVID-19 Lockdown period.

Regularization of absence during COVID-19 lnckdown period imposed by the Government to contain the spread of Corona virus has been examined and the following clarifications are issued:

1.Situation: Employees on approved official tour up to and including 25th March & unable to return to their Headquarters, in spite of best efforts.

Clarification: The period of absence should be treated as duty subject to working from place of stay.

2. Situation: Employees who were on sanctioned leave for period including 25.03.2020 and leave was sanctioned prior to issue of lockdown orders (25.03.2020) and the leave ended during lockdown period. This includes employees who were in duty station or were travelling outside the duty station during the leave period.

Clarification: Deemed to have joined duty from the date of expiry of leave, subject to certification by the Controlling officer that the employee worked from home as required for employees in duty station up to 14.04.2020 and beyond only subject to being available for duty in office if called on 15.04.2020 or thereafter. In case of leave on medical grounds, subject to production of fitness certificate.

3. Situation: Employees who were on leave prior to issue of lockdown orders (25.03.2020) and their leave ended on 20.03.2020, but did not join duty on duty on 23.03.2020 (Monday) or 24.03.2020 (Tuesday).

4. Situation: Employees who left duty station for the week-end with due permission ie. on 20.03.2020, but did not return to duty station on 23.03.2020 (Monday) or 24.03.2020 (Tuesday).

The clarification for the above situations No.3 and No.4 is as follows

Clarification: Employees who did not join duty on 23.03.2020 and 24.03.2020. could strictly speaking, attract provision of FR. 17. However, considering the circumstances, such employees may be allowed to apply for Leave for the entire period till they returned to their duty station and rejoined duty.

5. Situation: Employees who were on sanctioned leave prior to issue of orders on lockdown (25.03.2020) and their leave expiring during the lock down period, but wish to curtail the leave before expiry and join duty.

Clarification: Curtailment of sanctioned leave requires approval based on official exigency, which is not normally envisaged during lock-down period. Hence, curtailment of leave may not be agreed to. From the date following the date of expiry of leave, the employee may be deemed to have joined duty, subject to fulfilment of other requirements based on the type of leave availed and subject to having worked from home after expiry of sanctioned leave (without Curtailment).

Yours Faithfully
(V.S. Venkatanathan)
Asst. Comptroller and Auditor General (N)

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  1. This order is very wrong in spirit, when train and other transportation services were not operative since 22 March itself, how cn they blame employees for not joining office and demand leave for entire lockdown period.

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