Home town LTC is also Eligible for LTC Cash Voucher Scheme

Many have asked that whether Home Town LTC not utilised so for in the Block Year 2018-2020 is eligible for LTC Cash Voucher Scheme ?

Finance Ministry has clarified in the FAQ 2 issued on 10.11.2020 on LTC Cash Voucher Scheme that any Unutilised LTC in the Block Year 2018-21 is eligible for LTC Cash Voucher Scheme. [ See the Block Year detail ]

It has been clarified in the following Question and Answer .

Question : I availed home LTC in 2019. What is my eligibility position for LTC cash voucher scheme?

Answer : This scheme is for the LTC block of 2018-21. Normally, a block contains two LTC fare (home town and anywhere in India). If one has been availed and the other remaining, the same can be utilized for this purpose. Any unutilized LTC of the block of 2018-21 is eligible.

From the above FAQ , now it is clear that either Home town LTC or Anywhere in India LTC is eligible for LTC Special Cash Voucher Scheme if it is not utilised in the Block Year 2018-2021. Calculate the Cash Admissible for Reimbursement

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