Implementation of 7th CPC recommendation is being postponed

Implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendation is being postponed for some unknown reasons.

The UPA government had constituted the 7th pay commission in the right time so as to implement its recommendations from 1st January 2016. But it appears that the present NDA government has no goodwill on CG employees.

Sources told that though the pay commission was ready to submit the Pay Panel report in the stipulated time, it was offered needlessly four-month extra time to submit its report to the government.

It is said that it was the main reason due to which the process of implementation could not be finalized before 1st January 2016, the date which is due for implementation of 7th CPC.

The expected resentment from Staff Associations gave sufficient time and reason to the government to postpone the date of issuing the Notification.

Eventually the frustrated government employees started to expect the announcement on date of implementation rather than change in recommendations.


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