Indian consumers are the most eco-friendly

The 17-country survey looked at consumer behaviours that have an impact on the environment, including their transportation patterns, household energy and resource use and consumption of food and everyday consumer goods, as well as what consumers were doing to minimise that impact.

The research released on Thursday shows that Indians have shown increasing environmentally friendly behaviour over the past two years. In the overall green index, India scored 62.6 points to hold the top spot. Brazil secured the second rank (58), while China (57.3) was third. The US came last with a score of 45.

Despite Indian consumers’ lifestyles continuing to emerge as the most environmentally sustainable of any of the countries surveyed according to the Greendex, Indians are also the most likely to cite the perception that the seriousness of environmental problems is exaggerated as a barrier to action.

Released on the eve of United Nations World Environment Day, ‘Greendex 2010: Consumer Choice and the Environment-A Worldwide Tracking Survey’ is a comprehensive measure of consumer behaviour in 65 areas relating to housing, transportation, food and consumer goods. Greendex 2010 ranks average consumers in 17 countries according to the environmental impact of their consumption patterns and is the only survey of its kind.

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