CGEGIS Benefits Calculator for CG Staffs 2022

CGEGIS Benefits Calculator for CG Staffs

The CGEGIS Benefits Calculator is prepared based on the CGEGIS benefits tables issued by Finmin for the year 2016.

Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme (CGEGIS)-1980 serves the twin objectives of

(a) providing a lump-sum amount to the families in case of an employee’s death.

(b) a lump-sum payment to the employee on cessation of employment, both on a wholly contributory and self-financing basis.

Every year two Table of Benefits are issued by the Ministry of Finance on calendar year basis for the savings fund to the beneficiaries under this scheme.

As the Monthly Deduction as well as the Insurance Amount have remained unchanged since 1990, the 7th CPC recommended to increase the Subscription and Insurance amount considerably. Really it is very unfortunate that Central Government has decided not to accept this recommendation. So, the existing rates of monthly contribution will continue. See the benefits of CGEGIS from the calculator given below –

[The benefits in the Tables issued by Finance Ministry have been worked out based on interest @8.7% per annum (compounded quarterly), as notified by Department of Economic Affairs]

CGEGIS Calculator
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