Central Govt Employees in hand Salary Calculator 2023 – Is your new salary attractive ?

Central Government always calculate their salary every month but when a person wants to apply for recruitment of a post in Govt, he wants to know the in-hand salary every month for the level in which they will be recruited.

Central Govt employees salary calculator 2023 to calculate salary

This Central Govt employees in hand salary calculator 2022 will help govt servants calculate salary from pay scale to find in hand salary of particular Basic pay of a Post.

How to calculate the in-hand salary ?

The in hand salary is nothing but the take home pay after deduction from Gross salary

What is the formula to calculate hand salary?

Gross Salary – Deductions = In-hand salary

The in-hand salary of the Central Government employees can be calculated using this 7th cpc salary calculator.

Monthly Salary Component in Government pay scale calculator

The monthly salary components incorporated in this Central Govt Employees in hand Salary Calculator 2022 is provided below

Basic Salary + DA+ HRA+ TA = Gross Salary

1.Basic salary for a new recruit

The first cell of the particular Level will be fixed as Basic pay to a newly recruited central government employee. [ Select the first cell in the level in which you are recruited for first year]

2.Dearness Allowance rate

Existing rate of DA [ The DA rate is 42% with effect from 1st January 2023]

3.House rent Allowance (HRA)

HRA is paid at the rate of 24%, 16% and 8% for X, Y and Z cities at present. It will be increased 27%,18% and 9% when DA reaches 25%. Like wise when DA reaches 50% the HRA Rates will be increased to 30%,20% and 10% for X, Y and Z cities resepctively.

What are all X,Y and Z cities ?

According to the population the cities are classified into X, Y and Z category cities.

The X Category Cities which which are entitled for 27% HRA

States/ Union Territories
Citites Classified as “X”
Andhra Pradesh/ Telangana
Hyderabad (UA)
Delhi (UA)
Ahmadabad (UA)
Bangalore/ Bengaluru (UA)
Greater Mumbai (UA), Pune (UA)
Tamil Nadu
Chennai (UA)
West Bengal
Kolkata (UA)

The Y Category Cities which which are entitled for 18% HRA

S. No
States/ Union Territories
Citites Classified as “X”
Andhra Pradesh/ Telangana
Vijayawada (UA), Warangal (UA), Greater Visakhapatnam (M.Corpn), Guntur (UA), Nellor (UA)
Guwahati (UA)
Patna (UA)
Chandigarh (UA)
Durg-Bhilai Nagar (UA), Raipur (UA)
Rajkot (UA), Jamnagar (UA), Bhavnagar (UA), Vadodara (UA), Surat (UA)
Faridabad*(M.Corpn.), Gurgaon*(UA)
Jammu & Kashmir
Srinagar (UA), Jammu (UA)
Jamshedpur (UA), Dhanbad (UA), Ranchi (UA), Bokaro Steel City (UA)
Belgaum (UA), Hubli-Dharwad (M.Corpn.), Mangalore (UA), Mysore (UA), Gulbarga (UA)
Kozhikode (UA), Kochi (UA), Thiruvanathapuram (UA), Thrissur (UA), Malappuram (UA), Kannur (UA), Kollam (UA)
Madhya Pradesh
Gwalior (UA), Indore (UA), Bhopal (UA), Jabalpur (UA), Ujjain (M. Corpn)
Amravati (M. Corpn.), Nagpur (UA), Aurangabad (UA), Nashik (UA), Bhiwandi (UA), Solapur (M. Corpn), Kolhapur (UA), Vasai-Virar City (M. Corpn.), Malegaon (UA), Nanded-Waghala (M. Corpn.), Sangli (UA)
Cuttack (UA), Bhubaneshwar (UA), Raurkela (UA)
Puducherry/ Pondicherry (UA)
Amristar (UA), Jalandhar (UA), Ludhiana (M. Corpn.)
Bikaner (M. Corpn.), Jaipur (M. Corpn.), Jodhpur (UA), Kota (M. Corpn.), Ajmer (UA)
Tamil Nadu
Salem (UA), Tiruppur (UA), Coimbatore (UA), Tiruchirappalli (UA), Madurai (UA), Erode (UA)
Uttar Pradesh
Moradabad (M. Corpn.), Meerut (UA), Ghaziabad*(UA), Aligarh (UA), Agra (UA), Bareilly (UA), Lucknow (UA), Kanpur (UA), Allahabad (UA), Gorakhpur (UA), Varanasi (UA), Saharanpur (M. Corpn.), Noida*(CT), Firozabad (NPP), Jhansi (UA)
Dehradun (UA)
West Bengal
Asansol (UA), Siliguri (UA), Durgapur (UA)

All other cities which are not listed in X and Y cities are come under Z category. The rate of HRA is 8%

4.Travelling Allowance

Travelling Allowance is revised in 7th Pay Commission

The 7th CPC Travelling Allowance rate is below

7th CPC Transport Allowance recommended
Central Govt Employees in hand Salary Calculator 2023 - Is your new salary attractive ?

What are all higher TPTA Cities ?

19 Cities are classified under Higher TPTA Cities.

1. Ahmedabad (UA), 2. Bengaluru (UA), 3. Chennai (UA), 4. Coimbatore (UA), 5. Delhi (UA), 6. Ghaziabad (UA), 7. Greater Mumbai (UA), 8. Hyderabad (UA), 9. Indore (UA), 10. Jaipur (UA), 11. Kanpur (UA), 12. Kochi (UA), 13. Kolkata (UA), 14. Kozhikode (UA), 15. Lucknow (UA), 16. Nagpur (UA), 17. Patna (UA), 18. Pune (UA), 19. Surat (UA)

Deductions in Central Govt Employees in hand Salary Calculator

All the mandatory deductions and other deductions if any are to be entered in this Deductions in Central Govt Employees in hand Salary Calculator to know the exact take home pay.

Only two deductions are mandatory for CG Staffs those who are appointed on or after 1.1.2004. For those who appointed before 1.1.2004, GPF and CGEGIS are mandatory

S.No Appointed before 1.1.2004 Appointed on or after 1.1.2004
1 GPF NPS Subscription for Tyre I Account
2 CGEGIS 1980 CGEGIS 1980

[Note :Other than this, Income Tax will be deducted if Annual Income is comes under IT Bracket. Also HBA deduction will be made if House Building Advance availed. ]

1.New Pension Scheme Subscription

Central Government Employees those who are appointed on or after 1.1.2004 are covered under NPS.

The Tyre I account is mandatory for NPS subscribers. The NPS Subscription is 10 % of basic pay + DA.

10 % of the salary is deducted as subscription from the salary of the govt servants and Central Government pays 14% to subscribers account as employers contribution

2.Central government employees Group Insurance Scheme

Since the Central government employees Group Insurance Scheme is not yet revised for 7th Pay Commission regime, the old rate is continued.

The CGEGIS Rates are

  1. Group A = Rs.120 [ Level 10 and above]
  2. Group B = Rs.60 [ Level 6 to Level 9]
  3. Group C = Rs.30 [ Level1 to Level 5]

Enter this rate at Insurance field with other Insurance deductions if any in the Central Govt employees Salary calculator given below


How to calculate my salary in 7th pay Commission?

Enter the pay details in the relevant field in the in-hand Salary Calculator for central Government Employees to know your take home salary

What is the in hand salary of 5400 grade pay?

For example the monthly salary of 5400 grade pay in central government is Rs.90315 as per DA 34%, Basic 53100 and TA 3600

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