New Salary Calculator for Central Government Staff 2023

After 7th CPC implementation and Central Government Staff DA reached 31 % level, and DA hike due from 1.1.2022 has not been released so far. So Gservants team has developed a new salary calculator for Central Government Staff with all the above aspects taken into account .

New Salary Calculator for Central Government Staff 2023

Now the DA has been enhanced from 38% to 42% with effect from 1st January 2023 and accordingly the New salary calculator has been modified to calculate the salary with 42 % DA

Central Govt Salary Calculator with Deductions

The calculator also enables you to calculate the salary with 46 % DA which is expected from July 2023

Here you Calculate : DA from July 2023

Now you can calculate monthly salary after entering necessary information in the required fields in the calculator provided below.

Calculate Monthly Salary with Deductions in 2023

Net Salary also can be calculated after mandatory deduction. Enter the required information in deductions section to calculate the Net Salary. Click Open Calculator in the image

Open Salary Calculator


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