Married Accommodation Project for Defence Personnel

The Cabinet today approved the extension of the Probable Date of Completion (PDC) of Married Accommodation Project Phase-I from 1st January 2009 to 31st December 2010 for Defence Personnel

Approval has also been accorded for increase in cost from Rs.5,329.73 crore for construction of 58,391 Dwelling Units (DUs) sanctioned earlier to Rs.6,032.70 crore for construction of 57,875 DUs to be constructed in Phase-I. A total of 48,350 DUs have already been constructed and the remaining units will be completed by December 2010.

The Cabinet also gave its approval to advancing construction of additional 3,265 DUs at an estimated cost of Rs.489 crore from Phase-III to MAP Phase-II thus increasing the number to 69,992 at an estimated cost of Rs.13681.90 crore. Commencement of MAP Phase-III for construction of balance 71,014 DUs was also approved by Cabinet.

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