Master Crafts Man (MCM)-Grade Pay 4200-Obstacles to be cleared by this month

Master Crafts Man (MCM)-Grade Pay 4200-Obstacles to be cleared by this month

Ministry of Defence  issued  an order granting Grade pay 4200 to the MCM, with the approval of DOP&T U.O.No.5358/10/CR dated 25.2.2010,and Ministry of Finance I.D.No.2(16)E.III Desk/2008 dated 10.06.2010 and concurrence of Ministry of Defence(AG/08) vide their U.O.No 164/AG/PB dated 14.06.2010. According to this the grade structures for Industrial Employees in Ministry of Defence will be as follows

i) Grade pay Rs.1900 to Skilled Workers

ii) Grade pay Rs.2400 to Highly Skilled –II Workers

iii) Grade pay Rs.2800 to Highly Skilled –I Workers

iv) Grade pay Rs.4200 to Master Craftsman

But one of the conditions laid down by the MOD to implement this four grade structure is not accepted by all the defence workers federations including INDWF, AIDEF and BPMS.

As per the order,4  (i)  The post of Master Craftsman Shall be part of the hierarchy and the placement of Highly Skilled Grade-I in the grade of Master Craftsman will be treated as promotion.

All the federations confronted with this condition and they demanded that HS-I Grade should not be treated as a promotion, instead of this it should be treated as a Placement.

The sources close to the south block told that, the views of these federations has been forwarded to the Department of Expenditure, Ministry of Finance and the matter has been examined by this department. And it is expected that necessary directions, to implement the four grade structure, will be issued by this month.

A decade long demand of the Industrial Employees of Defence Establishments, granting Grade Pay Rs.4200/- for MCM at par with railway artisans, succeeded through many struggles and it will be realized possibly before the end of this month. All the credits for this achievement goes to all the Defence federations of unions.

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  1. I mutual needs for ngp Mumbai …my division TVC southern railway helper 2 cast sc. mo.7034101198

  2. After 1/1/2006MCM IS PERMOTION BUT before 1/1 2006 COUNT PERMOTION MY 2ND ACP DUE ON21/06/2007

  3. should the employees getting the grad pay 4200 and 4600 be calculated in this process?
    in our workshop (509 ARMY BASE WORKSHOP Agra) the same process is being adopted.

  4. As per the existing orders HS grade is the feeder grade for Charge man and MCM is the Placement post. If the proposed new order is implemented MCM will be treated as promotion and MCM will be the feeder grade for Chargeman

  5. welcome, pl conform to followings
    1.what is the feeder grade of Charge man.
    2.what is the status for MCM.
    3.which is % in the trade.
    4.Is under IEs or NGOs.
    5. what is the HS-1 position.
    6.where from bottlleneck.
    Its for treated as one time measuerment/relax.
    thanking for your valuable time spent for me.
    [email protected]

  6. All 3 defence employees federations dont agree to accept the upgradation of grade2 in grade1 as promotion.We are not satisfied with the decision of 2nd Anomaly committee decision reg MCM grade pay.It must be suitably amended as per our demand.

  7. most of the seniors are awaiting in long year
    iam now in MCM 20.05.2003 onwards
    what will be come to my GP and pay bond
    thanks for giving this opportunity

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