Mechanism to Block Lost Mobile Phones

Mechanism to Block Lost Mobile Phones

TRAI Releases Consultation Paper on Mechanism to Block Lost Mobile Phones Comments Sought by 30th November, 2010, Counter Comments by 7th December, 2010

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has today released a consultation paper on Issues relating to blocking of International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) for lost /stolen mobile handsets.

The mobile phone theft is a serious concern to the consumers, specially because of valuable personal data/information stored in it. Presently, there is no mechanism in place to block a mobile phone in case if it is lost. In the year 2004, TRAI had initiated a preliminary consultation process on the issue. However, at that time, a number of service providers were not having the capability to track/block the handset in their network. Therefore, the matter was not proceeded further.

In order to revisit this issue the TRAI has issued this consultation paper, which brings out various issues relating to blocking of mobile handset. The consultation paper is available on TRAI website at “”. Stakeholders are requested to offer their comments by 30th November, 2010 and counter comments, if any, by 7th December, 2010.

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