Incomplete/deficient DPC proposals from the Ministries/Departments

Incomplete/deficient  DPC  proposals from  the Ministries/Departments

DOPT has issued an Office Memorandum regarding Receipt  of  Incomplete/deficient  DPC  proposals from  the Ministries/Departments and how it is dealt with.

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(Department of Personnel and Training)

New Delhi 11 0001
March 24,201 1


Subject:-  Receipt  of  Incomplete/deficient  DPC  proposals from  the Ministries/Departments – Regarding

The  undersigned  is  directed to  invite reference  to  the  Department  of  Personnel and Training Office  Memorandum No.  2201 119198-Estt(D)  dated  September 8,  1998  prescribing a  Model  Calendar for  DPCs  in  order  to ensure that  DPCs are convened in advance and approved  select panels are prepared well before  commencement  of  the  relevant vacancy years  as per time  schedule prescribed  therein.  All  Ministries/ Departments  were also requested  for  strict  compliance  of  the instructions  so  as  to  achieve  the desired objectives of timely  convening  of  DPCs/preparation  of   approved select panels within the prescribed time-frame.  Need for strict compliance of the instructions was reiterated vide this Department’s  OM No. 22011/9/98-Estt(D) dated 14.12.2000.

2.  The  Model  Calendar for DPCs  as  laid  down  in  DoPT’s  guidelines makes it obligatory  on the part of Ministries/Departments to send DPC cases to the UPSC by 15th July(for financial year based vacancies)  and 15th April (for calendar year based vacancies) of t h e  year preceding the vacancy year. Despite repeated  communications  to  this effect, these instructions  are  not being followed by the  Ministries/Departments  i n  majority  of  cases. Delay  in holding  the  DPCs  not only affect  the  manpower  planning  in  various Ministries/ Departments but also impedes the  career progression across the board  and  is the main  reason  for  litigation before  CAT  and various  High Courts.  The UPSC has recently brought this non-satisfactory position to the notice  of  this Department. The UPSC  has since stopped  accepting incomplete  proposals  w.e.f.  01.08.2010  and have  introduced a  new procedure  under  the  ‘Single Window System’ whereby Ministries/ Departments  are  now  required  to  bring their proposals  by hand which are scrutinized  on  the spot  by the  designated officer  of the  UPSC. Accordingly,  all the Ministries/Departments  are  requested to send their DPC proposal in future in accordance with the revised Checklist as Annexed.

3.  Non-adherence to time frame for DPCs is matter of serious concern to the Government.  Hence, all concerned  authorities  are once  again  counseled  to  ensure  adherence to  the Model  Calendar which  has been devised as  a  system-improvement  measure. All  proposals for  DPC would  henceforth be  sent  to  UPSC  complete in  all  respects including ACRs  duly reviewed as  per DoPT’s OM No. 21011/1/2010-Estt(A) dated 13.4.2010.  In  case  of  non-adherence to  the  prescribed time-frame, the  Joint-Secretary concerned responsible for  signing certificate of  completeness  will  be  held responsible for the lapse and responsibility shall be fixed accordingly.

4.  All  the  Ministries/Department  may  complete all  the  pending  DPC proposals in  respect  of  previous years  with  in  a reasonable  period of  one year i.e. upto 31.3.2012. For the vacancy year 2012-2013 onwards, timeline  as  prescribed in model  calendar  for  DPC  will be  adhered  to for  strict compliance.

5.  Ministries/Departments are requested to give wide circulation to these instructions to ensure strict adherence to the time-schedule prescribed as per the Model Calendar for DPCs.

Smitha Kumar

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