Central Government Employees Are Entitled For Family Planning Allowance As Well As Rebate On House Building Advance (HBA)

Central Government Employees are entitled to Family Planning Allowance and a rebate in the interest rate of HBA for following small family norms

We all know Government is promoting Small Family Norms in order to control population. As per the present norms a family consists of not more than Two children is said to be a small family.

Government is also restricting certain Concessions, allowances, reimbursements etc., to Central Government Employees up to two children only. The concessions / Allowances / reimbursements such as Leave Travel Concession, Children Education Allowance, Child Care Leave etc would fall under this category.

Let us have a look at the Concessions / incentives applicable to Central Government Employees for undergoing Sterilization Operation in order to maintain small family norms.

(i) Family Planning Allowance varying from Rs.210 to Rs.1000 per month based on Grade Pay of employee

(ii) A rebate of 1/2% (0.5%) from the applicable interest on House Building Advance in the case of employee availing HBA.

General Conditions for grant of Family Planning Allowance and Rebate on HBA:

1. Having one surviving Child prior to undergoing Family planning procedure (Sterilization Operation) is a must to avail concessions.
2. As far as the condition based on age of the employee is concerned, the following table gives necessary details.

Gender of EmployeeAge of Employee and Spouse
Male EmployeesHis Age should be 50 years or less than 50 years. The Age of Employee’s Wife should be between 20 and 45 years
Female EmployeesHer Age should be 45 years or less than 45 years. The Age of Employee’s husband should be 50 years or less than 50 years

2. Similarly, prior to family planning procedure the employee should not have more than two children.

3. When Family planning procedure is not successful viz., Government Employee / spouse is getting pregnant due to failure of Sterilization operation, the government employee will not be entitled to any incentive from the date of pregnancy.

4. A Certificate in the prescribed form is to be given by the hospital authorities which is performing family planning procedure (sterilization operation) to the effect that Family Planning procedure was completed in respect of the employee or his / her spouse.

5. In the case of Family Planning procedure done by a private hospital, a civil surgeon or DMO or AMA or a Medical Officer of CGHS should counter sign the form signed and certified by the private hospital to the effect that Family Planning procedure was completed in respect of the employee or his / her spouse.

Relaxation of certain Conditions for grant of Family Planning Allowance and Rebate on HBA:

1. Either the government employee or his / her spouse can undergo Sterilization operation in order to maintain small family norms.

2. In the case of birth of twin children after giving birth to one surviving Child, all concessions under Small Family Norms granted to employee would be allowed if the said employee / spouse is undergoing for sterilization operation, since giving birth to twin babies in the second birth is beyond the control of the employee to maintain small family norms

3. Normally, recovery of concessions availed would be ordered in the case of failure of Sterilization operation. However, concessions under small family norms will be provided again when employee / spouse is undergoing family planning procedure again subject to fulfillment of conditions under small family norms.

4. In respect of rebate on HBA, Government allows such rebate even when an employee is undergoing Family planning procedure (sterilization operation) after receipt of first installment of HBA but before receipt of final installment of HBA.

Table of Amount of Family Planning Allowance based on Grade Pay of Employee

Grade Pay of Employee (Rs.)Applicable Family Planning Allowance (Rs)
1300 to 2400210

Note: Family Planning Allowance will be fixed based on Grade Pay of Employee which he / she is drawing at the time of Family Planning Procedure. This family planning allowance will remain unchanged during the service of employee unless there is a revision in Family Planning Allowance by Government.

Certain Clarifications by Government regarding Rebate on HBA in Office Memorandum No: I/17015/13/79-H-III dated 31.03.1981

1. Query: Whether Rebate on HBA could be availed by persons who have not undergone sterilization but have limited their families through other means.
Clarification : No. Employees or his / her spouse who have undergone Sterilization procedure and fulfilling small family norms will only be entitled for Rebate on HBA.

2. Query : Whether Cases of hysterectomy (surgical removal of Uterus) will be entitled for rebate on HBA as a woman who undergoes hysterectomy on medical grounds automatically gets sterilized.
Clarification : Such cases are not entitled for rebate on HBA as hysterectomy is a purely health measure.

3. Query : Whether Rebate on HBA would be applicable to Persons who have had twins after birth of their first two children should be eligible for receiving the incentives although they have 4 children.

Clarification : Yes. Such employees will be entitled for Rebate on HBA.

Source : House Building Advance Rules and FR & SR

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