A survey on government versus private employee health scenario

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Government Employees versus Private Employees

An interesting news about government employees recently published. A survey revealed that government employees are more healthier than private employees.

If the private sector companies paid their employees better than government offices, they also seem to be taxing them more for it. For, about 85 per cent of employees in private sectors seem to be afflicted to lifestyle, chronic and acute ailments compared to a meagre 8 per cent of their government counterparts. In fact, well-heeled techies seem to be bearing the maximum brunt of work pressure.

A survey on government versus private employee health scenario released on the occasion of World Health Day has revealed that due to demanding schedules, high stress levels and performance linked perquisites in private sectors, about 42% of folks employed in private sector were afflicted with lifestyle diseases, followed by 38% suffering from chronic diseases and 15% to having an acute ailment.

The survey that targeted private employees from 18 broad sectors found the IT folks to be suffering from maximum stress (17 per cent). Mumbai ranks first afflicted to high levels of stress in private sector followed by Delhi, Ahem­da­bad, Chandigarh, Hyde­ra­bad, Kolkata and Che­nnai.

Nearly 45 per cent of corporate employees in private sector sleep less than six hours on a daily basis due to work related pressure, the survey noted. Sleep disorders have wide-ranging effects including daytime fatigue, physical discomfort, psychological stress, performance deterioration, low pain threshold and increase absenteeism, said health experts.

“Rising cases of marital disputes and aberration in relationships are also contributed to high level of stress as reflected in incr­e­a­sed serious health problems”, said Dr B. K. Rao, ch­airman of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and Assocham He­alth Committee.

The findings on government employees reveal ve­ry positive features ranging from reasonably good he­al­th, family stability and cordial relationship with su­p­port from many governme­nt healthcare schemes coupled with pension benefits.

While only 10% of employees in private sector having medical insurance, “there is due compensation for increased inflation by way of dearness allowance to government employees,” said Assocham secretary general D.S. Rawat.

source : decconchronicle.com

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