7th pay commission Term extended by four month up to 31December 2015

The Term of 7th pay commission has been extended by four months.The Press release issued by central government is given below

The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today gave its approval for the extension of the term of the 7th Central Pay Commission by four months up to 31.12.2015.


The 7th Central Pay Commission was constituted by the Central Government on 28.2.2014. According to the Resolution dated 28.2.2014, by which the Commission was constituted, it is to make its recommendations within 18 months of the date of its constitution that is by 27th August, 2015.

In view of its volume of work and intensive stake-holders’ consultations, the 7th Central Pay Commission had made a request to the Government for a four month extension up to 31.12.2015.


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13 thoughts on “7th pay commission Term extended by four month up to 31December 2015”

  1. Rajiv Sampath

    the problem of orop is the rootcause of all these
    to solve this, pay commission should give all the proposed scales fixed pay without any increment- just like apex scales

  2. Mahesh Sharma

    The past and present experience with non-Congress Governments too,it appears pretty well that they are not Govt.employees-friendly. Whichever Party may be at the Centre all will squeeze the Govt servants for their follies/faults/misdemeanours. Lawmakers may not be doing anything but are united to milk the nation for their hoolignism ! A Govt servant after giving his entire youth in the service – average 38 to 40 years – only then get a meagre pension and on the other hand illiterate/dubious MPs serve only for a 1 or 2 term gets huge pensions/perks for whole life ! Time has come that all Govt employees should unite for their cause and show these hooligan lawmakers their right place. Just fail to understand why everyone is so jealous of Govt employees’ salaries. Govt employees are far better than those so called Corporate honchos.

  3. nkrishnappa bangalore

    As per 26/08 news it will submit the report by the end of Sept. Then why extension of time up to Dec2015. May be some extn may be required as the Govt might like to seek any clarification after the report is submitted in Sept. But,,,,, 4months extn ,,,,,,the report may not be submitted in Sept as said. Further the report might be implimented from Apr 2016 and not Jan 2016. Trade unions have to be careful as the BJP Govt has already proved that it is against the Govt servants ,,, remember,,,, it had not touched the Income Tax limit in its first budjet.

  4. Yeah… I agree with the comments of the above all officials…. really… always the BJP Govt. is against the Govt. employees and loyal to the Business community. I think they want to delay the implementation of the pay commission or if implement also with a meager hike, which is proved with the financial report submitted by MR. Jaitley in the Parliament. Praying god for better report from Commission and implementation by the GOvt.

  5. it is not understood the commission demanded for extension or cabinet itself given more time.

  6. Thulasi. G. from Puducherry.

    Extention of pay commission will not fetch any new additional benefits the employees. Hence implementing the pay commission report will be right choice i.e. as scheduled. i.e. as on 1.1.2016

  7. Bir Chand Sharma

    Govt will be willing to give more extensions. It is for the employees to force the commission to submit report. I remember we had to resort to strike for appointment of a commission. Later on had to strike again to seek submission of report.

  8. I agreed too,Govt should not interfere that before submitting the report, Employees Cost of living,Children education cost,present price raises of all daily needs,
    Respected Government must implement the 7CPC from intermediate effect,

  9. This is totally in justice by govt and this BJP govt will not give any benifits to central govt employees.

  10. Monoranjan Roy

    The thought of Mr.Manohar is 100% right.As the wise committee is not so full that they don’t gauge the time frame,….Its just time keeling, and negative thought of central.

  11. krishnakumar.c

    From the way way they act on pay commission issues,it appears, that they are least bothers about the CG employees, & Pensioners. They behave like previous rulers who destroyed democracy.

  12. It looks like they are not going to implement pay commission from 1st Jan 2016. Till yesterday they said they will submit the report in fifteen days and now they are going back on their word. It is a clear indication of Government interference with commission.

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