Bonus Ceiling will be increased soon

Ministry of Labour and employment assured that Bonus Ceiling will be increased soon

One of the  major issue in the Charter of Demands is “Removal of all ceilings on payment and eligibility of bonus, provident fund; increase the quantum of gratuity”. In pursuance of which,  Over 11 lakh workers and 15,000 unions participated in the countrywide general strike called by 10 central trade unions on Wednesday.

Now the letter received from Ministry of Labour and Employment by General Secretary , BMS has brought some cheer for Central Government Employees.

The Secretary to Govt of India, Ministry of Labour and Employment informed in this letter dated 28-8-2015, that the Government is considering to revise calculation ceiling for Bonus from the present level of Rs.3500/- per month to Rs.7000/- per month or the Minimum wages for the scheduled employment as fixed by the appropriate Government, whichever is higher. Minimum wages have not been fixed yet, however, the minimum wage will be fixed at a level which is respectable.

Further he told that Under the circumstances, on an average the calculation ceiling for the purpose would be Rs.10000 per month .

Let us hope Necessary Order based on this assurance would be issued soon and  all cg employees would find no reason to hold their enthusiasm to celebrate the festive season joyfully.

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