Family HRA to Armed Forces was accepted without change

Family HRA to Armed Forces was accepted without change

Family HR Allowance 5.4.8 (Para 8.7.31)

Existing Provisions: This allowance is granted to Central Government servants posted in NE region to compensate for the cost of stay of their families at the last place of posting. In lieu of this allowance employees are allowed to retain their houses at last place of posting and allowed to draw HRA in NE region as well.

Recommendations of 7th CPC: This allowance should be extended to postings in the Island territories of Andaman, Nicobar and Lakshadweep also.

Demand: Ministry of Defence: „In principle‟ extension of Family HRA to the Armed Forces may be given and the further specifics will be worked out by the MoD.

Analysis and Recommendations of the Committee:

The Committee notes that the facility of retaining accommodation for family of the officer at a station of choice when going on a field posting anywhere in India is already there for Defence forces. Moreover, the demand is not linked to any change recommended by the 7th CPC in this regard. The recommendations of the 7th CPC on Family HR Allowance may, therefore, be accepted without any change.

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