Number of active members and pensioners of EPFO

In a reply to a Question regarding number of active members and pensioners of EPFO at present and the facilities and pending EPF withdrwal cases, the following information is provided in Loksabha today

The number of active members under Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), at present, are 4,50,60,972 [Contributing Universal Account Numbers (UANs) of last three wage months viz. August, 2019 to October, 2019]. The number of pensioners are 65,95,575.

EPFO has taken several initiatives for providing online facilities to the members for their nominations, ascertaining balances, settling claims and to file online claims by member. The members are now not required to approach the employer for their withdrawals. They can get the information on the balances directly in their login to member portal. They can file their nomination online. The pensioners and beneficiaries of the deceased members can also file directly their claims online. The pensioners can download their Pension Payment Order form DigiLocker. The employees who have not been enrolled by the employer or who do not want to share their Aadhaar can directly generate their UAN for EPF matters.

The number of pending claims is dynamic in nature, which keeps on changing from month to month. However, out of the total number of claims received from 1st April to 31st October, 2019, 99.17% claims have been settled. EPFO has introduced online facilities for speedy settlement of claims and mandated to settle claims within 20 days.

Source : Loksabha

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