SoP for Social Distancing for Offices, Workplace, Factories and Establishments

SoP for Social Distancing for Offices, Workplace, Factories and Establishments

Ministry of Home Affairs has issued standard operating procedure (SoP) for Social Distancing for Offices, Workplace, Factories and Establishments.

Standard Operating Procedure for Social Distancing for Offices. Workplace, Factories and Establishments

The following measures Shall by all Offices, factories and Other establishments

1.All areas in the premises including the following shall be disinfected completely using user friendly disinfectant mediums:

a.Entrance Gate Of building, office etc.

b.Cafeteria and canteens.

c.Meeting room. Conference halls/ open areas available/ verandah/ entrance gate of Site, bunkers. porta cabins. building etc.

d.Equipment and lifts.

e.Washroom. toilet. Sink; water points etc.

f.Walls/ all other surfaces

2.For workers OOrnng from outside, special transportation facility be arranged without any dependency on the public transport system. These vehices should be allowed to work Only With 30-40% passenger capacity

3.All vehicles and machinery entering the premises should be disinfected by spray mandatorily.

4.Mandatory thermal scanning of everyone entering and exiting work place to be done.

5.Medical insurance for the workers to be made mandatory

6.Provision for hand wash & sanitizer preferably with touch free mechanism will be made at all entry and exit points and Cornrnon areas. Sufficient quantities Of all the items should be available.

7.Work places shall have a gap of one hour between shifts and will stagger tie lunch breaks of staff. to ensure sooal destancing

8.Large gatherings or meetings Of 10 or more people to be discouraged Seating at least 6 feet away from others on job sites and and gatherings. meetings and training sessions.

9.Not more than 2/4 persons (depending on size) will be allowed to travel in lifts or hoists.

10.use Of staircase for climbing Should be encouraged

11.There Should be strict ban Of gutka. tobacco etc. and spitting should be strictly prohibited

12.There should be total ban on non-essential visitors at sites.

13.Hospital/clinics in the nearby areas, which are authorized to treat COVID-19 patients should be identified and list should be available at work place all the times.

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