Clearing the Fog: Proforma for Pension Adalat 2023 on September 20th – Your Answers Await!

In the realm of pension matters, clarity and transparency play pivotal roles. The Pension Adalat 2023, scheduled for September 20th, emerges as a beacon of hope for pensioners seeking resolution and answers to their lingering queries.

A Proforma for Pension Adalat 2023 on September 20th issued by CPAO is provided here

Central Pension Accounting Office (CPAO)
Ministry of Finance, Department of Expernditure
Trikoot-ll, Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi-110066

All Central Civil Pensioners are informed that CPAO, tVl/o Finance, D/o Expenditure, Trikoot-ll, Bhikaji Cama Place-110065 is going to organize a Pension Adalat, which will be held on 20th Sep, 2023 through video conferencing facility.

Therefore, all Central Civil Pensioners/Family Pensioners (except Railway, Defence, Post and Telegraph) may visit CPAO website to register their grievances or send their grievance duly filled in the prescribed format through e-mail to Sr. Ar:counts Officers, Grievance Cell at [email protected] or via post to this office by 08th September,2023.

The prescribed format is available at CPAO website. To participate in Pension Adalat, a link will be sent one day before the Pension Adalat on your registered mobile number or e-mail. The resolution of grievance registered will be done through this link via video conferencing facility in the Pension Adalat, to be organized on 20th September, 2023. Kindly mention your PPO Number, Account Number, Contact Address and Mobile Number ,along with your grievance.

lf the grievance is being sent by post then “Pension Adalat-2023 (VC)” may be superscribed on the envelope.

(Chief Controller (Pensions)

Proforma for Pension Adalat 2023

Pension Adalat 2023 - Gservants News
Clearing the Fog: Proforma for Pension Adalat 2023 on September 20th - Your Answers Await!

Pension Matters: Navigating the Complexity

Pension matters often tend to be intricate, involving an array of regulations, paperwork, and processes. Pension beneficiaries, who have dedicated years of their lives to serving their organizations, deserve a platform where their concerns are heard and addressed. This is where the Pension Adalat steps in, aiming to streamline the process and clear the fog that might have engulfed pension-related matters.

Why Pension Adalat 2023 Matters

Timely Redressal: A Breath of Relief

Pensioners often find themselves caught in a web of administrative processes that delay the resolution of their concerns. The Adalat paves the way for timely redressal, ensuring that pensioners can find closure and relief sooner rather than later.

Empowerment Through Awareness
Participating in the Pension Adalat is not only about addressing grievances; it’s also an opportunity for pensioners to become more aware of their rights, entitlements, and the inner workings of the pension system. This knowledge equips them with the tools to navigate pension-related matters more effectively in the future.

Your Gateway to Clarity: Participating in Pension Adalat 2023

The Pension Adalat 2023 beckons pensioners to step forward, armed with their concerns and queries. It is more than an event; it is a platform that echoes the principles of justice, transparency, and empowerment. As September 20th approaches, mark your calendars and prepare to have your questions answered. Your journey toward clarity and resolution begins here.

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