7th Pay commission Arrears to be Paid on account of delay in implementation

7th Pay commission Arrears to be Paid on account of delay in implementation

Arrears to be Paid on account of delay in implementation of 7th CPC 

As implementation of 7th pay Commission is getting delayed, cg employees started to calculate the Arrear amount they will be getting after the implementation. Usually the implementation of Pay Commission recommendation will be done few months after the report was submitted to the Central Government.

It was expected that 7th CPC recommendation will come into force from 1st january 2016 itself,  as the report was to be submitted before August 31st 2015. But the govt extended the due date of pay commission by four months and it was submitted in the Month of November 2015. Though it had created resentment among cg employees as the recommendation  failed to meet their expectations. But they expected it would be implemented from 1st January 2016. So there will be no need to pay arrears since it will be come into force from 1.1.2016 with prospective effect.

But it got delayed for various reasons and there is frustration started mounting among cg servants for not getting revised salary. Though it is very meagre than what has been expected, they want govt to implement  the pay panel report as soon as possible since there is no hope that government would increase the fitment factor. It is now expected that after the month of June 2016 it will be implemented. So arrears for six months from January 2016 on account of revised salary has to be paid to all central government employees. 7th CPC Arrears calculator will be coming soon in gservants.com to calculate the arrears according to their revised Pay.

7th Pay Commission Arrears Calculator
7th Pay Commission Arrears Calculator

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