Projected 8th Pay Commission Calculator – Know Your 8th CPC Minimum Pay, Fitment Factor and Salary Increase !

As the anticipation for the 8th Pay Commission grows, the Gservants Team has delved into what government employees might expect in terms of changes to their pay structure. This article aims to provide an in-depth look at the potential constitution of the 8th Pay Commission, projected updates to the Pay Matrix, expected fitment factors, 8th CPC Minimum Pay, and Expected salary in 8th Pay Commission

Expected 8th Pay Commission Pay calculator

Prior to accessing the calculator, we recommend reviewing the specifics regarding the possible formation of the 8th Pay Commission, as well as the calculation methods for Minimum Pay and Fitment Factor utilized in the 7th CPC. Our Projected 8th Pay Commission Pay calculator has been developed with these considerations in mind.

Revising the pay and allowances of Central Government employees

Irrespective of Parties, who ever has been in power at the Centre before and after the 2024 General Election, truly cared about the well-being of central government employees, they would have announced the constitution of the 8th Central Pay Commission by now.

This commission is essential for revising the pay and allowances of these employees, ensuring that their compensation reflects current economic conditions and their valuable contributions to the nation. Establishing the 8th Pay Commission would demonstrate a genuine commitment to addressing the financial and professional needs of central government workers.

7th CPC Announcement in right time

However, it is worth noting that the previous UPA government announced the constitution of the 7th Pay Commission in 2013. This move underscored their commitment to addressing the pay and allowances of central government employees. If the current ruling party truly prioritized the concerns of these employees, they would have similarly announced the establishment of the 8th Central Pay Commission before the 2024 election. Such an announcement would reflect a genuine dedication to improving the financial well-being and morale of central government staff.

Government of India, vide notification No.1/1/2013-E.III(A) of 28.02.2014, appointed the Seventh Central Pay Commission with specified Terms of Reference. The Commission submitted its report in November 2015. So that all the Central Government employees could get the benefits of 7th CPC pay revision from 1.1.2016.

Right Time to Constitute 8th Pay Commission

Now it is the right time to constitute the 8th Pay Commission, but this can only happen if present Government decides. We will have to wait and see if the new government will announce the 8th Central Pay Commission in the Full Budget 2024. This step is crucial for revising the pay and allowances of central government employees, reflecting the importance of their roles and adjusting for current economic conditions.

Basics of Projected 8th Pay Commission Pay Matrix

Based on the need for periodic revisions in the pay and allowances of central government employees, we aim to assess their future salary structure. We have attempted to calculate the 8th CPC Pay Matrix by considering the Fixation of Minimum Pay, Rate of Dearness Allowance (DA), inflation, and the percentage increase in the pay structure after the neutralization of DA in previous pay commissions. Based on these principles we have calculated the expected 8th CPC Minimum Pay and Fitment Factor (Uniform Multiplying factor)

8th CPC Minimum Pay Calculation result ₹41,000

Initially, it is essential to compute the Minimum Pay utilizing the guidelines of 15 ILC and Dr. Akroyd formula in order to determine the Fitment Factor or Uniform Multiplying Factor. The calculation of the Minimum Pay under the 8th CPC is detailed in this document – Read this Report to Know the calculation of 8th CPC Minimum Pay Based on this reports and projections, it is expected that the minimum pay under the 8th CPC could be set at ₹41,000. This is a substantial increase compared to the previous recommendations, reflecting the need to address the cost of living and inflation adjustments that have occurred over the past decade.

8th CPC Fitment factor – Uniform Multiplying Factor may be 2.28

Previously, an article was published discussing the anticipated Fitment Factor and salary in the 8th Pay Commission. As per the Report, the Fitment Factor (Uniform Multiplying factor) may be 2.28. Read this Report to know how the Fitment factor is arrived .

Since Rationalization of pay as per the classification of Posts has been achieved in 7th CPC, there is no need to use different Fitment factor for the Levels in 8th CPC

Projected 8th Pay Commission Pay Matrix

This assessment is essential to ensure that the compensation of central government employees remains aligned with economic realities and provides adequate financial support. By analyzing these factors i.e. Minimum Pay and Fitment factor, we can project a pay matrix for the 8th Central Pay Commission approximately, reflecting the necessary adjustments to their salary structure. The Projected Pay Matrix for all Levels are posted in a separate article. The Link provided below

Projected 8th CPC Pay Matrixfor All Levels 1 - Gservants News
Projected 8th Pay Commission Calculator - Know Your 8th CPC Minimum Pay, Fitment Factor and Salary Increase !

Click to View the Projected 8th CPC Pay Matrix with All Levels.

Projected 8th Pay Commission Pay calculator

The 8th CPC Pay Matrix Calculator has been developed based on the Minimum Pay and Uniform Multiplying Factor to establish the pay scale for all levels. By utilizing the 3 Fitment factor options provided below, individuals can calculate their 8th CPC Pay accurately

Fitment Factor 2.28 (Gservants Projection)

  • How 2.28 arrived is explained here MUST READ

Fitment factor 2.57 (Used in 7th CPC)

  • The revised pay of the 7th CPC Pay Matrix was calculated using the Fitment factor of 2.57.

Rough Estimate using 3.0 (Average increase all Pay Commissions)

  • The Uniform Multiplying factor is determined by analyzing the average rise observed in the last 7 Pay Commissions. [ Read Here the full report ]

Here is the Calculator to know your Expected/Projected Basic Pay in 8th CPC Pay Matrix

This projection aims to provide a approximate overview of the expected salary structure for central government employees under the 8th Pay Commission, assuming that their compensation remains fair and reflective of current economic conditions.

Disclaimer : The calculators on this website are being provided for informational purposes only. The results and estimates are just a projection of previous Pay Commission reports and based on information you provide and may not reflect actual results. The results of the calculations are not accurate

Gservants is not responsible for the content, results, or accuracy of the information on the calculators. This template is meant to provide general guidelines. This is not a legal document. Gservants will not assume any legal liability that may arise from the use of this template.

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