7th pay commission latest news

7th pay commission latest news

Notification for implementation of 7th pay commission

Sixth CPC era supposed to be ended with 31st December 2015, since 7th pay commission expected to be implemented from 1st January 2016. But the NDA government had some hidden agenda  that not to implement the  recommendations of 7th pay commission on the due date which falls on 1.1.2016 with prospective effect. They some how trying to prolong the date of implementation of 7th cpc recommendation. Delaying the effective date will benefit to the Central Government in many ways

  1. The revised rate of Allowances will  come into force from the prospective date ie from  the date of Notification issued.
  2. No need to pay arrears for allowances.
  3. The demand for review the adverse recommendation will be losing its momentum rather they demand early implementation
  4. All the central government employees will be satisfied  if it is at least implemented  in due course of time rather than delayed.

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