BSNL VRS Scheme – Gratuity and Commutation will be paid on date of Superannuation

According to the OM dated 29-10-2019 issued by Department of Telecommunication in respect of BSNL VRS Scheme, the Gratuity and Commutation of Pension will not be paid on the date of Voluntary Retirement.

Staggared payment of Commutation / Gratuity to the BSNL Employees opting VRS as below:

a) for the Employees currently more than 55 years of age, on opting for VRS, the pension will be commuted only when they attain 60 years of age. For the employees currently of age 55 and less on opting for VRS, the pension will be commuted in the sixth year i.e 2024-25

b. Similarly, payment of Gratuity is postponed in the same manner. however, in case of death of the VRS optee before the date on which gratuity is to be paid, the deferred retirement gratuity will be released immediately to the eligible claimants. simple interest at the prevailing GPF rates from the date of voluntary retirement till the gratuity is released, will be paid on the deferred gratuity amount

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