Categories for determining the Disability Pensionary benefits

For determining the Pensionary benefits the circumstances to decide the attributability/aggravation have been categorised as under :-

Category “A”

Death or disability due to natural causes neither attributable to nor aggravated by military service determined by competent medical authority, chronic ailments like heart and renal diseases, Prolonged illness, accident while not on duty.

Category “B”

Death or disability due to causes which are accepted as attributable to or aggravated by military service such as diseases contracted because of continued exposure to hostile work environment subject to extreme weather conditions or occupational hazards.

Category “C”

  • Death or disability due to accidents while performing duty, such as,
  • Accidents while traveling on duty in Government/public /private vehicles or during air journey or mishap at sea.
    Electrocution while on duty.
  • Accidents during participation in organized sports events/ adventures activities/expeditions/training

Category “D”

Death or disability due to acts of violence/attack by terrorist, anti-social elements, whether on duty or even when not on duty. Bomb blasts in public places or transport, indiscriminate shooting incidents in public, etc.would be covered under this category, besides death / disability occuring while employed in aid in civil power in dealing with natural calamities.

Category “E”

Death or disability arising as a result of :-
1.enemy action in international war, action during peace keeping mission abroad, border skirmishes.
2.during laying/ clearance of mines including enemy mines as also minewsweeping operations
3.On account of accidental explosions of mines
4.War like situations, including cases which are attributable to / aggravated by:-

i.Extremist acts, exploding mines, etc while on way to operational area.
ii.battle inoculation training exercises, or demonstration with live ammunition.
iii.kidnapping by extremist while on operational duty.

5.An act of violence/attack by extremists and antisocial elements etc. while on operational duty.
6.Action against extremists, antisocial, element, etc Death / disability while employed in the aid of civil power in quelling agitation, riots or revolt by demonstrators will be covered under this category.
7.operations specially notified by Government from time to time.

Source : PCDA

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