DA Calculator for July 2022-Confirmed 4 Percent Increase

The rate of Dearness Allowance from July 2022 can be calculated by entering the AICPIN Points in this Expected DA Calculator for July 2022.

Expected DA Calculator from July 2022

The expected DA July 2022 will be arrived by entering the average AICPIN of the 12 months from July 2021 to June 2022 in this DA calculator for July 2022. It is expected to reach 38% or 39% for this instalment.

After the implementation of 7th CPC recommendation, the rising rate of DA is very low. So far 6 Years completed but the DA is still hanging around at 34%.

This is not encouraging in many aspects. One side prices of essential commodities are increasing. But the other side it is afraid that Price Index Numbers are not reflecting the price rise. Subsequently it reflects in DA calculation.

AICPIN table from July 2021 to DA Calculator for July 2022

The AICPIN table from July 2021 shows the month wise increase of CPI Numbers and the rate of DA

S.NoMonth & YearAICPINDA rate
1July 2021122.831.80
2August 202112332.32
3September 2021123.332.80
4October 2021124.933.30
5November 2021125.733.85
6December 2021125.434.46
7January 2022 125.1 35.09
8February 2022 125.0 35.64
9March 2022 126.0 36.28
10April 2022 127.7 36.98
11May 2022 129.0 37.75
12June 2022 129.2 38.40

Here is the DA calculator from July 2022

How much is the DA in July 2022?

According to the CPI Index, it is confirmed 38% DA will be declared from July 2022

Enter the approximate AICPIN points for remaining months in this DA calculator for July 2022 and you will get approximate rate of Dearness Allowance

JULY 2022


Month/ Year CPI(IW)
Monthly Increase
July 2021 122.8
August 2021 123.0
September 2021 123.3
October 2021 124.9
November 2021 125.7
December 2021 125.4
January 2022 125.1
February 2022 125.0
March 2022 126.0
April 2022 127.7
May 2022 129.0
June 2022
Expected DA from July 2022

As per this result of DA Calculator 2022, the expected DA increase from July 2022 will be around 4% level only.

Dearness Allowance rates from 2016

The rate of dearness Allowance from 2016 is given below. The maximum increase is 5% and minimum is 1%

Click the link in the Date to read the DA Order

Effect fromRate of DAEffect fromRate of DA
01.01.2016001.01.202117% (Freeze)+4%
01.01.20174%01.01.2022 34%
01.07.20175%01.07.2022 Calculate DA
01.01.202017% (Freeze)+4%01.01.2025 
01.07.202017% (Freeze)+3%01.07.2025 

DA Calculation Formula in 7th CPC

As the 7th Pay commission recommendations was implemented with effect from 1.1.2016, the AICPIN average of 2005 is the Base Index for calculation of DA in 7th Pay Commission

So formula for Calculation of DA in 7th Pay Commission is

7th CPC DA formula - Gservants News
DA Calculator for July 2022-Confirmed 4 Percent Increase

Hence to know DA July 2022 latest news today, use calculator above.

AICPIN for June 2022-DA from July 2022

Only one Consumer price Index Number is required to calculate the exact rate of DA from July 2022. The AICPIN for June 2022 is now declared for finalise the average CPI for 12 months from July 2021 to June 2022. This June months AICPIN was released on 29th July 2022. After that the exact rate of DA for this July 2022 DA instalment is 38 %.

As of now 4 % hike is confirmed. The current rate of DA is 34% from January 2022. Hence , the rate of DA from July 2022 will be increased by 4% and total 38% of DA will be paid to all Central Government employees and Pensioners. keep watching this page for latest update on Dearness Allowance order.

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