Employees News-DA from July 2023

Central government employees news today in 2023 is all about Expected DA from July 2023 and Annual Increment and Bonus

Employees News 2023

The most anticipated news in 2023 for Government Employees will be expected DA from 2023 [ see the calculator]. Recently the order for releasing enhanced DA from January 2023 was issued by Ministry of finance. As a result of this All central Government Employees were paid Arrears from January 2023 to March 2023.

DA from July 2023

DA for central government employees latest update

Now the the expectation turns towards July 2023 DA Increase.

The AICPIN for the Month of March, April, May and June in the year 2023 to be released for calculating the DA from July 2023. Dearness Allowance is the only salary component which witness increase two times a year. So it is quite natural that employees are expecting the AICPIN points which is the base for calculation of DA

And other salary component which attracts the employees is Annual Increment. As per 7th CPC recommendation annual increment falls on 1st January and 1st July of every year. According to option exericed on Promotion the the date of next increment will be determined [ see the Promotion Option calculator]

The next one is Bonus. There are two types of Bonus will be declared for Government employees

  1. Productivity Linked Bonus
  2. Non Productivity Linked Bonus
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