GP Rs.4600 to MCM for 3rd MACP in Defence Ministry

GP Rs.4600 to MCM for 3rd MACP in Defence Ministry

Minutes of NCJCM Standing Committee Meeting

S.No.19 – Grant of 3rd MACP in GP Rs.4600 to the Master Craftsmen (MCM) of Defence Ministry who were holding the post of MCM in the pre revised pay scale of Rs.4500-7000 as on 31/12/2005.

Establishment Division had through their letter dated 09.02.2017 informed that a formal proposal of M/0 Defence had been received. The matter was discussed with the representatives of M/o Defence twice i.e. on 19.01.2016, and 26.01.2016. The issue will be referred to D/o Expenditure for reconsideration of their earlier advice.

The Staff-Side expressed satisfaction with the action taken. It was decided that the item may be closed.

{Action: Establishment Division (DoPT)}

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Read More at : Minutes of Meeting of NCJCM Standing Committee held on 03.05.2017

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