History of the Army Postal Service (APS)

The Employees from Department of Posts are often send their interested employees on deputation to serve in Army Postal Service.

The Origin and History of the Army Postal Service is given below

History of the Army Postal Service

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History of the Army Postal Service (APS)

Origin of APS dates back to 1856 when the first FPO accompanied the British Expeditionary forces to Persia. FPOs continued to be requisitioned by the Army from the Dept of Posts to accompany Expeditionary Forces till World War I. During World
War II volunteers from the Dept of P & T were drawn as combatants to run the FPOs.

Initially the organisation was affiliated to the ASC (Army Service Corps). In Mar 1972, APS was formed into a separate Corps.

After Independence 1 CBPO was raised in New Delhi in 1947 and 2 CBPO was raised at Kolkata in 1964. 56 APO is the 1 Central Base Post Office at New Delhi and 99 APO is the 2 Central Base Post Office at Kolkata. APS safeguards the security of the location of the units, which do not have to change their address when they move from one location to another.

The head of APS is the Additional Director General APS at Army Headquarters in the rank of Major General. He is assisted by Dy DG APS in the rank of Brigadier at Army HQ

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