HRA Committee may recommend 30,20,10 Percent HRA again

HRA Committee may recommend 30,20,10 Percent HRA again

The Committee Constituted to Examine HRA, TA and  all other Allowances has met on 4th August 2016. Since the Finance Minister himself admitted that there is resentment in regard to Allowances and he said in the statement tabled in Rajya Sabha that Representations were also received from  Unions and Stakeholders.

Implementation of 7th Pay Commission is come into effect after issuance of  Revised Pay Rules 2016 by Ministry of Finance. The  Government made it clear that Salary for the month of August should be paid along with Arrears.

Since the intensity of Paying Revised salary  for the Month of  August 2016 clearly convey the message that there will be no hike in 7th CPC basic pay anymore.

So the Government at least to satisfy the CG employees it may accept to restore the rates recommended in Sixth CPC for House Rent Allowance. If 10 , 20, 30 Percent for Z,Y, And X city accepted it will boost the salary to some extent that may please the Central Employees


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