Procedure to Apply for Family Pension

The Procedure to apply for Family Pension and Form-14 Details provided here

Procedure to Apply for Family Pension :

What should a family member (eligible for the grant of family pension) do to get the family Pension?

Normally, family pension to spouse is sanctioned and authorised at the time pension is authorised in favour of retiring government servant and indicated in the pension payment order and is to be drawn after the death of the pensioner.

Form-14 for Family Pension Application

However, in cases where Govt. servant expired while in service, the widow or widower has to apply in Form 14 (of CCS Pension Rules) to the Head of Office concerned who will sanction and authorise the family pension through its Pay & Accounts Officer.Where the deceased Govt. servant is survived only by a child or children, the guardian (in case of minor child/children) or such child or children may submit a claim in Form 14 to the Head of office for sanction and authorisation of family pension.

For getting family pension, the deceased pensioner’s family should apply in Form no.14 along with a copy of the death certificate of the deceased Pensioner to:

(1) The pension disbursing authority if, the amount of family pension is already indicated in the Pension Payment 0rder.

(2) The Head of Office for sanction of family pension in all other cases.

lf the pensioner has Joint Account with the spouse on either or survivor basis the spouse has to submit the death certificate of the pensioner along with simple application only to activate the family pension.

Download :  Application for Family Pension – Form 14


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