Procedure to buy Car from CSD

The Procedure to Buy Car from CSD Canteen is explained here

How to purchase Car from CSD canteen

Step by Step Procedure to buy Car from CSD online is explained here. All you need to do is register, select the product and pay online.

A separate portal is created to buy Car from CSD Online. Visit to purchase AFD Items through online method.

AFD (Against Firm Demand) Online Portal for Items to be Purchased Against Firm Demand from CSD

Registration at AFD Online Portal

Users are advised to register on the website ( first to buy products from AFD CSD. It is mandatory procedure. You may follow the registration manual for step by step pictorial guide on “new user registration”.

Step 1: Registered users have to login first to search products and place order. Click on “SHOP NOW” to login.

Step 2: To start the registration click on “SHOP NOW”.

Step 3: Click on “Not a member yet? Register Now”. This option enables the new users to register on the website. Before you start registration, make sure to keep the following things with you:

1.Grocery/ Canteen card
2.Pan card
3.Mobile number for OTP verification

Step 4: illustrates the registration form.

Name, Card ID, Chip number should be exactly the way they are printed on the Grocery card/Canteen card.

Mobile number will be verified through OTP. After entering number Click “Send OTP”. Extra column will pop up If a new user with username/ grocery card/ PAN number already exists, error screen will be displayed. No user can have same details like Username, e-mail etc

If the error persists user may contact the help desk If “Date of enrolment/commissioning” is less than 5 years old then users will not be entitled to buy any products.

Once the form is filled, press “Submit”. If the form is correctly filled. User will get the notification

User will not be able to login right away. Post submission admin will verify the details and then grant access.
Once the registration is approved, the user will receive confirmation through email

Step 5: After Login, user will be prompted to enter OTP sent on their phones

Download complete guideline pdf is here

Purchasing AFD Items from online Portal

After successful registration , user will be permitted to place order for AFD items in that portal

What are AFD items?

According to the Canteen department, AFD or Against Firm Demand (AFD) is a documented sale between customer and dealer to purchase items listed under AFD

how to purchase a car through csd
Graphical Representation of Car Purchase From CSD
The canteen store department is attached with the defense Ministry as part of its personnel’s welfare of all three defense services & sister organizations such as Coast Guard, Assam Rifles, Defence service Civilians, etc.

Maj Gen Khanduri is the present chairman of the CSD. Through CSD, serving personnel and its dependents will get easy access to quality products of daily use less than market prices.

List of AFD Items

The present list of AFD items are given below:

Audio-video System
Washing Machine
Two Wheelers
Cooking ranges(Ovens)
Air Conditions

Selection of Car at AFD Online Portal

At present there 431 variants from various branded Cars available. Select a car according to your entitlement and click checkout option for confirmation and online payment.

How to make CSD AFD online payments

Payment Gateway shows following different modes of Payment

Credit/Debit Card
Net Banking
Bank Transfer

In case you choose Bank Transfer mode, Please download the e-challan generated by Payment Gateway that will be mentioning the virtual Account number, IFSC code and the exact Amount to be deposited by NEFT/RTGS. You can take a print out of e-challan to your bank and request Bank to do NEFT/RTGS exactly as per details mentioned on the e-challan.

Please note that each e-challan is valid only for one transaction and if amount remitted is not as per what is mentioned on the e-challan, Payment Gateway will reject that payment and you will get a refund back in your bank account.

Read more –

Purchase of AFD 1 CSD Items Through Online Portal – Terms & Conditions

I certify that I am eligible for purchase of the item as per “Eligibility Criteria” issued by Canteen Service Directorate. Details are given in link below.

Eligibility Criteria

The item will be used for personal use and will not be sold/ transferred before completion of four years from date of purchase (for four wheelers – five years)

In case of any violation of rules, like being ineligible as per Pay Level, declaring wrong category (Offr/ JCO/ OR), purchase of four wheeler with a gap less than 8 years and purchase of two wheeler/ any other AFD1 item with a gap of less than four years, I am liable to following actions:-

(a) My demand will be cancelled.
(b) All my Canteen Smart Cards will be blocked for 3 years
(c) Refund of money will be given after 90 days.
(d) In case of Serving Pers — my unit will be informed to initiate disciplinary action against me.
In case I withdraw my application/ cancel my demand for any personal reason after issue of Purchase Order, I am liable for following action
(a) 5% of the total cost of item will be deducted as “Cancellation Charges” from my refund amount.
(b) Balance refund amount will be given after 90 days.

I understand that all “Chargeback/ Disputes” for online payment method on this portal will not be entertained as the amount gets deposited to Consolidated Fund of India (CFI). Refund, if any will be taken by me separately from Depot/ CSD Head Office and not from the issuing bank.

I accept all the above conditions.

Eligibility Criteria CSD AFD 1 Purchase Through Online Portal

Eligibility Criteria to buy Car from CSD

Pay Level 3A to 6

Pay Band : Armed Forces Personnel (Serving and Retired) & Widows (As applicable) Pay Level 3A to 6

Cost: Rs.Six Lakhs excluding taxes

Periodicity: First car while in service and Second car after Retirement. First car after min Five Years of service. Gap between purchase of Two cars to be Eight years. For Widows, if the late husband had purchased a car each while in service and after retirement then the widow will not be eligible to buy a car. In case late husband had purchased only one car while in service, then widow can buy one car through CSD after a gap of Eight year from the date of last purchase.

Pay Level 7 to 9

Pay Band : Armed Forces Personnel (Serving and Retired) and Widows as applicable Pay Level 7 to 9

Cost: Rs.Seven Lakhs excluding taxes

Periodically: First car as an OR, second car on promotion as JCO and third car after retirement. First car after min Five year of service.Gap between purchase of Two cars to be Eight years. (For Widows, if the last husband had purchased a car each while in service as well as after retirement then the widow will not be eligible to buy a car. In case late husband had purchased car (s) only while in service, then widow can buy one car through CSD after a gap of Eight years from the date of last purchase.)

Pay Level 7 to 9

Pay Band : Armed Forces Personnel (Serving and Retired) and Widows (as applicable) Pay Level 10-18

Cost: Rs.15 Lakhs excluding taxes

Periodically: Once in Eight years

Civil Defence Officers
Pay Band : Civil Defence Officers (Serving only) Pay Level 11 to 18

Cost: Rs.15 Lakhs excluding taxes

Periodically: Once in Eight years

Eligibility Criteria for Other AFD Items (two Wheeler I Ac / Fridge I Washing Machine Etc)

Following category of canteen smartcard holders are authorised for other AFD items:-

(a) Armed Forces personnel (Serving & Retired).

(b) Civil Defence Employees (Serving only).

(c) Gap between purchase of same item/ two wheeler to be min four years.

CSD AFD Help Desk Numbers

For issues related to registration: 0120-4699923
Helpline number of CS Directorate: 011-26181892
CSD HO helpdesk for issues related to price/ dealer list/ depot list: 022 35104186/022 35104185 or email id : or whatsapp no : 919321601308
Kindly Contact the above numbers based on your issue, from Monday to Friday between 10:00 A.M – 5:00 P.M

Prices are subject to change without notice, so customers should always check AFD CSD Online Portal for updates before making their purchase – login page

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