Readers have to Verify the News published on Pay Panel Report is true or not

Vague News about implementation of 7th CPC recommendation is Posted in Internet

News published on Pay Panel Report

Any news about implementation of 7th pay commission recommendation is the Hottest topic of discussion at all offices of Central Government. To encash this interest of cg servants, all the Media has focused on publishing vague news about latest development in 7th pay commission. To what extent it is true is debatable issue. But whatever the news posted in Social Media and News Media about the seventh CPC recommendation never missed to draw the attention of cg employees.

Just two lines are enough to make a hot news to publish to attract the attention of viewers. Readers has to verify whether the news published on pay panel report is true or not.

Minimum Pay Rs.20000

A news published recently in a Reputed News Website says that the Empowered Committee would propose Minimum Pay Rs.20000/-.

The article states, “According to reports, the Empowered Committee of Secretaries (CoS) is planning to propose a minimum pay of Rs 20,000 instead of Rs.18,000 as proposed earlier”.

But there was no point in that article that on which basis the minimum pay would be fixed at Rs.20000/-. These type of imprecise news are keep coming in many news blogs now.

NCJCM Staff Side Demands Minimum Pay Rs.26000

The NCJCM Staff side said that the ECoS has just observed the concerns raised by them in the Meeting. They insisted that Minimum Pay should be raised to Rs 26000/- instead of Rs 18000. In fact, is was told that the ECoS has not been given any power to commit any thing on modifying the recommendations.

The next one is the news about implementation date of 7th Pay commission recommendations.

The Central Government has already appointed a High Level Committee to review the recommendations and the Meeting with Stakeholders are being held recently. Whenever it completes its task it will prepare a report and it will be sent to Cabinet Committee of Ministers. Only after the approval of the Cabinet Committee, Notification in this regard may be issued. The committee has not been given any time frame to complete its work.

But the Social and News Media are flooded with the news about the date of implementation of 7th CPC recommendations. Starting form May 21st, June, July and up to September 2016 are the dates suggested by the Media to implement the Pay panel report. It appears that they are all mere cooked up stories.

The only reliable sources to tell about the decision of Government are NCJCM Staff Side and Government Officials. But None of them so for made any statement about tentative date of issuing Notification for implementation of pay commission. So let us wait sometime to know the actual development and hope it will be come out soon.

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