Revise NDA in 7th CPC Pay Scale, exempt Defence Civilian Employees from NPS – Defence Federations

Revise NDA in 7th CPC Pay Scale, exempt  Defence Civilian Employees from NPS


1) Reject the recommendations of the 7th CPC with regard to grant of Uniform Allowance to Personnel below Officers Rank which is against the interest of 5 OEF Group of Factories under OFB / DGOF.

2) Settle the issues raised by the three recognized Federations (AIDEF, INDWF and BPMS) on the recommendations of the 7th CPC sent to the Defence Secretary vide Letter dated 13.01.2016.

3) No privatization of Defence Research & Production & MES.

5) Defence Civilian Employees should be exempted from National Pension System (NPS) at par with the Uniformed Personnel.

6) Grant of appropriate Pay Scale to the Workshop Staff and Ammunition Mechanic of NAD (Navy) by merging the Grade Pay of GP Rs. 1900/- with GP Rs. 2000/-, merger of HS Grade-II (GP Rs. 2400/-) with HS Grade-I (GP Rs. 2800/-).

7) Grant of Higher Pay Scale of GP Rs. 4600/- to Chargeman, GP Rs. 4800/- to Foreman / JWM / JTO and after completion of four years should be placed in GP Rs. 5400/- with further promotion to Group “A”

8) Immediate settlement of the Cadre review proposals of Clerical Staff, Storekeeping Staff, MTS, Security Staff, Industrial Canteen Employees, Fire Fighting Staff, Para Medical Staff, Rajbhasha Staff of all Directorates under MoD and DEO Cadre of DRDO.

9) Continuation and revision of Risk Allowance to the Defence Employees who are involved in risk and hazardous operations in Ordnance Factories, DGQA, DRDO, Army, Navy and Air Force Units etc. and also to include the left out categories and Organizations as recommended by the Sub Committee of the MoD Departmental Council (JCM).

10) Correlation of the hourly rate of Industrial Workers deployed in Piece Work System in the Ordnance Factories w.e.f. 01.01.2016 in the 7th CPC Pay Scale along with the provision of Time Wages (DOT) for the OT Period between normal working hours (44¾) and 48 hours in a week

11) Revision of NDA in 7th CPC Pay Scale w.e.f. 01.01.2016.

12) Risk Allowance for Fire Fighting Staff as recommended by 7th CPC.

13) Grant of Four Grade Structure for the Fire Engine Drivers of Army,

14) Food Allowance paid to the Industrial Employees of Navy should be enhanced by 2.25 times and the same may be linked with DA.

15) Grant of appropriate Pay Scale to the Yard Craft Personnel of Navy.

16) As recommended by the 7th CPC the Drivers of Defence Establishments should be placed in a distinct category by providing higher Pay Scales considering the risk and heavy nature of job.

17) Grant of appropriate Pay Scales to the Conservancy Staff viz. Sanitary Mates / Land Supervisor and Conservancy Store Keeper.

18) As recommended by 7th CPC the Medical Assistant (Dresser) of Ordnance Factories and other Defence Establishments should be placed in GP Rs. 2000/- immediately and thereafter considering their qualification they should be placed in the Higher Pay Scale of GP Rs.2400/-

19) Grant of the Pay Scale of PB-II + GP Rs. 4200/- to Pharmacist and Radiographers and GP Rs. 2400/- to Midwife of Ordnance Factories at par with Railways and Ministry of Health.

20) The recommendations of 6th CPC with regard to Fire Fighting Staff

21) MACP Scheme for the Teaching Staff of Ordnance Factories.

22) Appropriate Pay Scale for the Girl Cadet Instructor of NCC.

23) Recruitment of Trained Trade Apprentices of Defence Establishments based on Batchwise Seniority by framing a policy as per the amended provisions of Apprentice Act 1961.

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