Revive JCM functioning at all levels

Revive JCM functioning at all levels

NCJCM Standing Committee Discussion Points

S.No.10 – Revive JCM functioning at all levels as an effective negotiating forum for settlement of demands of the central government employees.

JS(Admn and JCA) informed that the instructions on holding meetings of the Office Council were reiterated to all departments and information on the meetings held were asked for. Comments and details have been received from a few departments and this is being followed up to ensure that information is received from all departments. She offered to share the details of the information received so far. On the status of the Staff associations under DoPT, it was stated that the existing associations were being granted extension and have been requested a number of times to submit the present position on their representation. As none of the associations have fulfilled the mandatory requirement of 35% representation, fresh recognition cannot be granted. No proposal has been received.

The Staff-Side explained that the grant of recognition to Service Associations is pending for years together in various other Departments, without even communicating reasons therefor. They wanted the DoPT to make inquiries into this matter and seek a report from all ministries as to the status of recognition to Service Associations. They suggested that DoPT conduct verification on their own on basis of the declaration filed by the applicant associations. Only in a situation where no association is able to comply with the 35% stipulation, no recognition should be granted. On this JS(Admn and JCA) assured to look into the matter.

{Action: RR&DC Division, DoPT}

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