Scheme for Redeployment of Surplus Employees

A scheme for redeployment of Surplus Employees was issued by the Government of India in the then Ministry of Home Affairs vide OM No. 3/27/65-CS.II dated 25.2.66

Redeployment of Surplus Employees-DoPT Order

Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
Department of Personnel & Training
New Delhi

6/618, Nirwachan Sadan
New Delhi-110001
Dated 1st April, 1989

Subject:- Redeployment of Surplus Staff – Introduction of Revised Scheme.

As Ministry of Finance, etc., are aware, a scheme for redeployment of Surplus Staff was issued by the Government of India in the then Ministry of Home Affairs vide OM No. 3/27/65-CS.II dated 25.2.66. Subsequently rules and orders were issued from time to time to give effect to the provisions of the Scheme and also to extend the scope of the scheme to further categories of surplus employees.

2.One of the important provisions of the existing scheme is that any surplus employee who remains un-redeployed for any reason at the end of 6 months is retrenched by giving him a notice under the appropriate rule applicable to him. It has now been decided that this provision in the present scheme should be deleted.

3.Taking into consideration the various changes already made in the procedure laid down under the original scheme and also the experience gained in its working and the aforesaid decision, a revised scheme has been prepared. A copy of the Revised Scheme is enclosed for information. This scheme which comes into force immediately supersedes the scheme issued on 25-2-66. The various orders and instruction issued in pursuance of the earlier scheme shall, to the extent of conflict with the provisions of this Revised Scheme, stand superseded. The decisions already taken under the earlier scheme shall not, however, be reopened.

4.In this connection, it will be pertinent to point out that the Revised Scheme differs from the scheme issued in February, 1966 broadly in the following areas:-

4.1 The Revised Scheme envisages that the Staff declared Surplus will be transferred to a Surplus Staff Establishment to be created in each Ministry/ Department, pending their redeployment. The temporary posts held by the surplus employees shall be transferred to the said Establishment. Wherever the posts held by the Surplus employees are permanent, these will be abolished and in lieu thereof supernumerary posts will be deemed to have been created for the surplus employees in the Surplus Staff Establishment. These posts will get abolished immediately on the concerned Surplus employees being relieved whether to join other posts or as a result of their retirement, resignation, etc., whichever is earlier.

4.2 In the Revised Scheme there is no provision for the time-bound termination of services/retrenchment of the surplus employees who cannot be redeployed within a period of six months. Accordingly, there shall be no retrenchment of Surplus Staff in future after the expiry of 6 months period. Further the Revised Scheme envisages that at least for the first three months a surplus employee will not be nominated for absorption in a post carrying a lower pay-scale. The Revised Scheme also prescribes that the concerned redeploying agency can direct the surplus nominee to join the post if no objection is received from the recipient organization within one month and the recipient organization will be under obligation to accept such employee.

4.3 The earlier scheme contains no provision for readjustment of a person who has already been redeployed. In the Revised Scheme a provision has been made that the surplus employees who have already been redeployed in posts carrying lower pay scales or lower classification, may at their option, be readjusted in equivalent posts. Similarly the low-paid employees will also be eligible for readjustment facility in States of their choice in certain specified circumstances. Rules regarding re-adjustment of redeployed surplus staff are being issued separately.

4.4 The Revised Scheme does not contain a provision for grant of Special Leave to the surplus employees as existing in Ministry of Home Affairs O.M. NO 4/1/66-CC dated 26.12.66. In view of the deletion of the provision for retrenchment of employees remaining underemployed at the end of six months, it has not been considered necessary to grant any Special Leave to the surplus employees under redeployment.

4.5 In para 8 of the Revised Scheme, there is an emphasis on arranging appropriate training of the staff due to be rendered surplus so that they can be redeployed in posts where they can prove useful. Action in this regard will have to be initiated by the respective Ministries/Deptts., well in advance, as mentioned in the Revised Scheme.

The undersigned is directed to request the Ministry of Finance, etc., to bring the provisions of the Revised Scheme to the notice of all controlling authorities of the posts and services under their control.

( A.S. Taneja)
Deputy Secretary (SR)

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